Cross Hatch Adhesion Testing

Cross Hatch Adhesion Testing: Procedure and Overview

In this guide, we will be demonstrating the process of Crosshatch Adhesion Testing using the crosshatch adhesion tester, following the ASTM D3359 standard.

Sample Preparation

Clean the Surface: Ensure that the boards are clean and free of any debris. The boards we are using have already been blown off to achieve a clean surface.

Cross Hatch Adhesion Cutting

Cross hatch cutter on a white coated board

Create the Cross Hatch Pattern:

  • First, use the cross hatch tool to make a series of cuts in the cross-machine direction on the wood sample.
  • Next, make a series of cuts in the machine direction, intersecting the first set of cuts. This will create a grid pattern (cross-hatch) on the sample, forming small squares.

Cleaning the Sample

Remove Debris:

  • Use a brush to remove any excess debris from the sample. Brush the surface five times to ensure all loose particles are removed before proceeding.

Adhesion Testing

Applying tape to a white coated sample, preparing for the final step of the cross hatch adhesion test

Apply the Tape:

  • Cut a piece of tape and press it firmly onto the cross-hatch area using the back of the cross hatch tool to ensure good contact.

Remove the Tape:

  • Pull the tape off at a constant rate.

Evaluate the Results:

  • Inspect the sample to see how many squares of the cross-hatch pattern were removed.
  • Determine the adhesion rating based on the number of squares removed, following the ASTM D3359 method.

By following these steps, you can accurately assess the adhesion properties of the coating on your wood samples. This method provides a reliable way to evaluate the quality and durability of coatings in various industrial applications.

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