Miltec UV International Awarded Contract for Li-ion Research

Stevensville, MD – Miltec UV International, ( has been awarded a contract from the Defense Logistics Agency, to demonstrate the cell technology to produce solid state lithium-ion batteries using Miltec’s UV cured Gel Polymer Electrolyte.  This technology will accelerate the advancement of solid-state lithium batteries.

Miltec is working in partnership with Saft America, Inc.’s Cockeysville, MD location to develop and provide test cells fabricated with a novel UV cured polymer-based electrolyte on lithium metal anodes. The application of UV curable chemistry in producing the solid-state electrodes can lead to a faster, continuous, scalable, high-speed fabrication process for applying polymer-based electrolyte on lithium metal anodes. This breakthrough manufacturing technology will enable the development of solid-state batteries with significantly increased energy, safety, and reduced weight. The process could result in a 50% greater energy density at the cell level and 25% increase in specific energy.

This project is aimed at developing an outline for a solid-state battery electrodes fabrication process and demonstrate at cell level performance for two types of DLA batteries: the BB-2590 rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB). Bob Blandford, President of Miltec UV stated, “This innovation allows lithium ion battery manufacturers to offer batteries with improved safety and performance at significantly reduced manufacturing costs.”

About Miltec UV

Miltec UV is a world-wide leader in UV curing system technologies. Miltec UV  is based in the United States with our headquarters located in Stevensville, Maryland. Miltec UV’s proximity to Washington, DC, and Baltimore, Maryland, allows us access to major airports and shipping lanes, enabling our support for customers around the world. Miltec UV manufactures HPI (arc lamp) and MPI (microwave powered) UV curing systems as well as infrared (IR) systems. These can be utilized for a wide variety of applications, such as curing inks, coatings, and varnishes, in every market that employs UV curing technology, including optical fiber, flooring, metal decorating, semi-conductor, and automotive industries, among many others. In addition, Miltec UV is a developer of UV light processes-ceramic coated separators, anodes, and cathode binders. UV technology and systems are recognized as environmentally friendly “green technology” because they eliminate the use of virtually all damaging volatile organic compounds (VOCs) typically emitted into the atmosphere during the curing process. Our staff of technical experts provides custom engineered UV curing systems, as well as consulting, training, technical support, and a fully staffed customer application laboratory. Additionally, Miltec UV offers spare and replacement parts for Miltec UV lamp systems as well as systems manufactured by other companies. All of our high-performance UV systems are designed and manufactured in the United States in our state-of-the-art facility and are carefully crafted and tested to ensure superior performance. Our commitment to building strong customer relationships and developing innovative technologies, in addition to providing a superior offering in terms of quality and price, has led Miltec UV to become a first-choice supplier for UV customers around the world.

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