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Miltec understands wood and the multitude of ways our customers shape and cure it.

Whether working with simple panels or complex moldings, our team of experts is dedicated to building you a customized UV curing solution or supplying the parts needed to improve existing processes. Our long history of listening to customers’ needs led to the development of our UV Gloss Control Technology, which uses HPITM model arc lamps to achieve a very wide gloss range in a single UV coating. It’s an innovation we’re proud to have been recognized for with the Challengers Award at the International Woodworking Fair.


  • Hardwood flooring and matching
  • Furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Molding/profile
  • Guitars
  • Doors
  • MDF
  • Panel/sheet
  • Windows
  • Trim
  • 3D components and panels
  • Framework


  • Efficient UV technology for curing high-density inks
  • Elimination of scratching and abrasion due to under-cured ink
  • Cure speeds 5x faster than other UV systems 
  • Reliable UV system performance with consistent UV output
  • R&D lab proves new processes and improves existing systems
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fewer UV lamps required
  • Lower energy usage and operating costs
  • Increased line speeds
  • Made in USA
International Woodworking Fair

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