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UV curing is when liquid coatings, inks, adhesives, composites, and other materials are cured to a dry state, versus traditional oven heat methods, which typically use more energy and create harmful emissions. In effect, the ultraviolet light spectrum in a UV lamp emits photons that are absorbed by the photoinitiator component, which results in polymerization of the specially formulated chemistries. The UV polymerization process occurs instantly, using less energy at a lower cost than conventional IR or heat methods.

Advantages of UV Curing Flooring


  • UV chemistries can be 100% solids with no volatiles or emissions potential and are instantly curable to achieve the complete properties of the product without needing high-energy/high-heat drying or time for property development.
  • UV processing contributes to several additional elements of sustainability, including lower energy, more consistent UV output, and longer shelf-life coating vs. catalyzed heat-based systems.

Attributes of UV Processing

  • Durability is achieved using a combination of urethane and UV acrylate chemistries to give gouge, scratch, and stain resistance.
  • Enhanced Line Speeds are achieved as long ovens are not needed to cure the sealers, abrasion sealers, and topcoats as single entities on a wood finish line.  A typical wood finish line can have 6-10 coaters operating at >75fpm.
  • Gloss Control using a single formulation vs. conventional high-heat drying improves productivity by eliminating changeovers and reducing surface defects.
  • Gloss uniformity across machine direction (AMD) of products for wide web UV applications is controlled by having a consistent UV output in the UV absorption regime of the photoinitator used in the formulation.
  • Miltec HPI systems are equipped with specially designed reflectors that result in ‘Low Heat’ or board surface temperatures (BST) to prevent degradation to heat-sensitive substrates.
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Wood Flooring

Coatings for wood flooring are UV-cured, a process that allows for applying multiple coating layers in sequence. This builds a unique combination of properties that enhance the coating quality, increase line speeds, and improve durability. A crucial part of this process is the addition of specific types of photoinitiators to the acrylate-based coating. These photoinitiators are carefully selected to match the UV output of the particular type of UV bulb, optimizing surface properties and effectively preserving the floor coating. UV coating ensures the floor’s longevity and contributes to the manufacturing process’s overall efficiency.

Vinyl Flooring

LVT flooring utilizes high-performance UV-cured topcoats to enhance coating wear, scratch, and gouge performance. Specifically designed topcoats for LVT flooring help protect the floor and provide the final finish look, which can have aesthetic and tactile properties, such as soft touch characteristics.

HPI Flooring Solutions

Miltec UV curing solutions for flooring manufacturers are at the forefront of technology. They provide the powerful UV output and efficiency necessary to meet the proper cure, adhesion, flexibility, scratch resistance, and aesthetic demands of the market. Our advanced HPI UV curing systems are easy to use and require fewer lamps on your flooring line than existing UV technologies.

Achieve a wide-gloss range with a single coating using our UV Gloss Control technology, and gain a competitive edge in the market. Whether looking to upgrade your entire system or integrate UV into your existing system, all Miltec UV customers benefit from access to our state-of-the-art, expertly staffed UV applications laboratory, dedicated service team, and UV operation training opportunities.



Of particular interest to flooring manufacturers, UV Gloss Control Technology enables manufacturers to achieve a wide gloss range using a single UV coating. Low, medium, and high gloss levels are easily achievable and repeatable with minor equipment adjustments. This significantly reduces the time spent on chemistry changeovers; saving on downtime and scrap.


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