Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber
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Optical fiber manufacturers are in continuous pursuit of new ways to increase line speeds and throughput while reducing operating costs.

Our advanced optics concentrate more UV output at the fiber, resulting in faster line speeds. We provide significant energy and operating savings through efficient design and easy maintenance features. This results in greater energy and operating savings, allowing you to enjoy an attractive return on your investment in new lines or upgraded technology for optical fiber draw, coloring, and FRP coating.


  • Up to 35% higher UV Intensity at the fiber
  • Typically, 33% or greater energy savings
  • Patented optical system delivers higher peak UV for faster line speeds
  • Less energy consumption with more UV focused at the fiber
  • Lower heat emissions resulting in cooler fiber surface temperatures
  • Improved lamp cooling design to maximize the life of all lamp parts
  • Easy to retrofit (or upgrade) existing microwave powered UV equipment


Learn more about Miltec UV’s curing systems for optical fiber when you read From Parts to Peak Irradiance: Innovation Drives Miltec UV on Wire & Cable magazine’s website.

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