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  • What is UV Curing?

    UV curing is the process by which UV light initiates a photochemical reaction of a UV-curable solution, causing the solution to polymerize.

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  • Microwave UV System

    What is a Microwave UV System? The microwave-powered electrodeless UV lamp is also constructed from a quartz tube containing mercury and a noble gas. It is powered by applying microwave energy to the UV bulb, which excites the mercury into a plasma to produce UV light. What is UV Curing? UV curing is the process…

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  • HPI: Arc UV System

    ARC UV System

    What is an ARC UV System? An arc UV system comprises electrodes at each end of a tubular-shaped quartz lamp, commonly filled with a blend of mercury and noble gas. By applying electrical discharge from these electrodes within the tubular lamp, the mercury is stimulated into a plasma state, emitting light across the entire UV…

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  • UV Curing System Spring Cleaning

    Is Your UV Curing System Ready for Summer?

    EIGHT Maintenance Tips to Keep Your UV curing system Running Smooth all summer With summer fast approaching, it’s time to give your UV curing system a spring cleaning to help reduce pesky heat issues before they arise. Just like you might do a spring cleaning at home to prepare for the warmer weather, it’s a…

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  • UV Power Supply Test Points

    UV Power Supply Test Points Save Time & Money

    Test points for microwave UV power supplies allow maintenance teams to quickly and easily troubleshoot the system’s three basic circuits: the photocell, filament, and magnetron current.  Located on the front or back of the power supply, some units may have three sets and others only two but all the systems that utilize these tools have…

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  • Miltec UV parts and bulbs

    Top 4 Benefits of Single, Reliable Vendor

    In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, it is essential for manufacturers to operate with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. One way to achieve this is by sourcing as many supplies as possible from one reliable, source rather than relying on multiple vendors. There are many benefits to consolidating your supply chain, and in this blog, we’ll…

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  • Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

    10 Ways Manufacturers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

    A guide to carbon-neutral practices and technologies As the world continues to grapple with the effects of climate change, businesses are increasingly being called upon to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. By adopting environmentally-friendly practices and technologies, companies can not only help mitigate the negative impacts of climate change,…

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  • Thermal Drying or UV Curing

    Thermal Drying or UV Curing?

    The differences between light and heat for manufacturing processes When it comes to drying/curing methods in industrial processes, two popular methods are thermal drying and UV curing. Both methods are used to transform liquid or semi-liquid materials into solid forms by applying heat or UV radiation. In this blog post, we will discuss the difference…

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  • UV Curing Conveyor Belt System

    The Ultimate Guide to UV Curing Conveyors

    For many, industrial UV conveyor systems are an essential part of the UV curing process. From the size and type of the material to the speed, understanding the different types, features, and issues of UV curing conveyors help you make an informed decision for your production needs. Types of UV Curing Conveyor Belts Open Mesh…

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