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Team on loading dock. Photo by Gary Landsman.
  • UV Radiometer UVICURE Plus II 050-60520

    UV Radiometer Types and How to Use Them

    When curing with UV, maintaining consistent and accurate results may be a bit challenging without the use of an instrument called a UV radiometer. Each UV process, whether microwave, arc, or LED, requires a specific output from the UV source to provide an adequate cure of the chemistry being used. The best way to verify…

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  • Team on loading dock. Photo by Gary Landsman.

    Why Choose Miltec UV?

    Manufacturing companies that invest in UV have many decisions to make along the way, whether they are changing a process from conventional drying to UV, or if they are simply upgrading an old UV finishing line with new and more powerful UV equipment. The decision of selecting UV equipment and which UV equipment manufacturer to…

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  • Ergonomic Solutions in the Workplace

    Have any of you ever had a small pebble in your shoe that made it uncomfortable to walk, but you just ignored it and continue until you had the time to remove it or found you couldn’t take it anymore?  To those of you that answered no, I salute you, because either it’s never happened…

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  • Resilient Flooring

    Types of Resilient Flooring

    The resilient flooring market has grown over the past few years and continues to do so. Due to its long-lifespan, attractive appearance, low maintenance, and ease of installation, resilient flooring has come into high demand.  Engineered to withstand heavy traffic with minimal damage, resilient floors are layered composites that can mirror the look of a…

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  • Miltec UV's Paul Dounian

    Miltec UV Welcomes Paul Dounian as Regional Sales Representative

    February 10, 2021, Stevensville, MD – Miltec UV ( is pleased to announce that Paul Dounian joined their sales team on November 30, 2020.  Paul came to Miltec from Mettler Toledo where he spent the last 18 years, the majority of which were focused on industrial applications around the areas of weighing, measuring and the…

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  • EV Battery Charging

    Miltec UV International Awarded Contract for Li-ion Research

    Stevensville, MD – Miltec UV International, ( has been awarded a contract from the Defense Logistics Agency, to demonstrate the cell technology to produce solid state lithium-ion batteries using Miltec’s UV cured Gel Polymer Electrolyte.  This technology will accelerate the advancement of solid-state lithium batteries. Miltec is working in partnership with Saft America, Inc.’s Cockeysville,…

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  • Food Pantry Haven Ministries

    Support for Haven Ministries Food Pantries

    Miltec UV’s continuing support of Haven Ministries means even more during this unprecedented time. Food banks across the country are feeding those in need within the community. The Haven Ministries Emergency Food Pantry responded to the need of the local community by expanding to two locations: the original food pantry location at the Safe Harbor…

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  • Planning for a Manufacturing Crisis

    Whether the pandemic, supply chain issues, gas prices, cyber breaches, or the looming recession, every manufacturer needs to have a plan in place for managing through a crisis. A crisis could be in the form of a short term issue or some crises can take years to recover from, if you recover at all. Below…

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  • 100 Women Joining Hands to Create a Better Community

    The Power of 100 – Chesapeake Women Who Care is a charitable organization founded by Miltec’s Connie Cooke Blandford and her close friend Kelley DuBois. Beth Mosner, Miltec’s Sales & Marketing Administrator is also a member of the group which just entered its second year. After only two meetings, they have raised and donated over…

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