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Miltec is a U.S.-based manufacturer of ultraviolet curing solutions.
UV curing solutions

We are a leading manufacturer of high-performance UV curing solutions.

Based in Stevensville, Maryland, we offer an array of eco-friendly microwave UV, arc lamp UV, and infrared curing systems, all carefully designed to help our clients achieve maximum efficiency and a meaningful competitive edge.

Our family-run business was founded in 1989, and while much has changed in the last three decades, there are a few things that still ring true:

Team photo of Miltec administrative and sales staff in our Maryland warehouse.

Strong Relationships

We’re completely devoted to our
clients’ success and work hard to build
meaningful, long-term relationships. When
you call Miltec, you get a live person on
the line. From the very first point
of contact, Miltec customers enjoy access
to individualized customer service and
technical support.

Miltec chemist working in the battery lab.

Superior Technology

Our American-made products meet
the highest standards of quality, giving
customers exceptional ultraviolet curing solutions that address their unique needs. Plus, as the only
manufacturer in the world who builds
and supports both arc lamp and
microwave-powered systems, Miltec
clients benefit from the power of choice.

Miltec chemists using a touchscreen to conduct research

An Excellent Team

Our technology is nothing if it isn’t
backed by our amazing team. Everyone
at Miltec, from our engineers and
chemists to our accounting and
customer service departments are
committed to developing innovative,
yet practical solutions to ensure your

Our Core Values


What our clients say about us and our uv curing solutions

“I truly appreciate the tremendous education Miltec provided to me regarding UV technology. They have a great organization.”

Don L, Technical Marketing Manager, USA

“I have received praise from our customers for the Miltec’s high quality products and I’m always satisfied with their quick and polite response.”

Akiko Furiya, Export/Import Manager Distributor, Japan

“It has been a pleasure working with Miltec over the last 11 years. I have worked my entire career in the UV industry and the professionalism, reliability, and the quality of their products are the best I have experienced in my entire career.”

Bernward Roettgers, Germany

“Miltec’s service is second to none. I really appreciate the time they invest to continue a good customer relationship and the follow up our rep provides to check on our needs.”

Leonard, Senior R&D Leader, USA

“I have been working with Miltec UV for over 10 years. Their quality of service and technical knowledge are second to none. They do not hesitate to go above and beyond for their customers and are truly are a pleasure to work with.”

Principal Scientist, USA

Be a part of our team.

Our success as the global leader in UV curing solutions and supplies starts with our people. Our family-owned business is a close group, and we look forward to welcoming new faces.

Brightest Bulb Award

Each year, the Brightest Bulb award is presented to an exceptional Miltec UV employee.

The Brightest Bulb is nominated by their co-workers for their hard work and dedication to our clients and our core values.

Congratulations to Will Retallack, our 2021 Brightest Bulb!

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Phone: +1 410-604-2900
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Phone: +1 410-604-2900
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