Made in America is Good for America

The pandemic, tensions overseas, supply chain issues…if those haven’t given you a reason to consider sourcing your products from companies right here in the United States, here are a few more.

Strengthen America’s independence

Buying products and services from American-based companies helps support local businesses and the American economy, but it also helps strengthen our independence. By supporting American companies and businesses, we can keep more money in our country. And, when we buy things made overseas, we’re actually helping to strengthen foreign companies, economies, and governments.

Job opportunities

When you choose to buy American-made products, you support your local economy and keep jobs in your community. Manufacturing jobs in new and emerging businesses will help Americans get back to work. Buying products that are made in the USA directly supports American jobs and can allow American businesses to survive and expand

Ensure supply chain stability

Buying goods made in the USA eliminates the reliance on vendors and suppliers from other countries. If you are a manufacturer and you source a component needed for your product from a vendor outside of the US, then you are dependent on that country, which can be a problem due to trade and delivery restrictions. This issue became very apparent during the pandemic as supply chains worldwide were disrupted due to the pandemic.

Reduce costly transportation fees

As American businesses expand, they can ship their products to you from the United States, which reduces the transportation costs to deliver your products. When you buy American-made products, you reduce the transportation costs associated with bringing in products from overseas. This helps to ensure a more stable supply chain for the products you buy, which helps to reduce the risk of supply chain issues. It also helps to reduce the risk of disruptions in the supply chain, which can help to protect your business.

Ensure quality

Products made in the United States must meet certain safety standards set forth by the government. In addition, the government regulates the production of products to ensure that they are manufactured in a safe and reliable manner. This helps ensure that the products you buy are of the highest quality.

Protect workers’ rights

As humans, we are often concerned about the treatment of the workers that produce the products that we buy. By choosing to buy American-made products, you can help protect the rights of the workers that produce the products, which can help protect human rights violations. By choosing to buy American-made products, you are helping to protect the workers’ rights, which can help to ensure that workers are treated with fairness and respect.

Miltec’s team of more than 50 employees is based in the United States with our headquarters located in Stevensville, Maryland. Miltec UV’s proximity to Washington, DC, and Baltimore, Maryland, allows us access to major airports and shipping lanes, enabling our support for customers around the world. Read our story here.

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