Miltec UV Curing Lithium-ion Battery Electrodes at 5-300 fpm

Miltec UV Electrodes

Stevensville, MD – Miltec UV, 146 Log Canoe Circle ( continues to advance its revolutionary UV binder technology.  This patented high-speed UV electrode binder can run from 5-300 fpm for coatings up to 10 mg/cm2 active material content. This innovative technology works extremely well for manufacturing power batteries. For thicker energy batteries, UV coatings can be layered to 30 mg/cm2 in a continuous process with a fraction of the clean room footprint of a conventional PVDF line.

Electrode binders are available for NCA, NMC, FEP, LTO, and Sulfur batteries.  UV binders are crosslinked therefore as a result, the binder will not melt, which is useful in applications with high operating temperatures. 

The UV binder technology is now available for commercial applications and Miltec UV will be expanding their innovative technology into US and international markets in 2019-2020. Miltec UV also has an advanced R&D laboratory to offer manufacturers for testing their processes.