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Xtrema mircowave UV lamp.


Miltec’s Xtrema™ line uses electrode-less, long-life UV bulbs and patented features to outperform existing microwave UV curing technology in almost every way.

Choose Xtrema for:
  • Maximum energy & cost savings
  • Easy maintenance
  • Applications with limited space
Common applications:
  • Automotive headlights and trim
  • Optical fiber
  • Semiconductor and electronics
  • Plastics
HPI UV Arc lamp.

Arc Lamp

Miltec’s HPI line uses variable power arc lamps to cure heavily pigmented and dense inks, stains, coatings, and adhesives at faster line speeds.

Choose HPI for:
  • Industry-leading peak irradiance
  • Curing heavy pigments
  • Applications with long lamp configurations
Common applications:
  • Metal decorating and rim coating
  • Flooring gloss
  • Printing and converting
  • Wood moulding

Redefining peak performance.

While most of the UV curing industry focuses only on the need for UV energy, we believe that true UV performance depends on both UV energy and peak Irradiance, which is the concentration and intensity of the light. As peak irradiance increases, the UV energy needed to cure an ink or coating reduces. This basic concept allows our high-performance UV curing systems to produce very high peak irradiance UV systems, thus reducing the high UV energy consumption. The net result is a more efficient curing process typically utilizing fewer lamps, fewer spare parts, and ultimately, lowering operating costs.

Peak Irradiance

The intensity of UV output focused on the substrate. Miltec’s UV curing technology achieves up to 2 times higher peak irradiance than typical technology.


Raising the bar.

In our fully-equipped laboratory, our researchers, chemists, and engineers develop breakthrough UV curing technologies that yield unparalleled output, performance, and reliability. A few of our innovative technologies include:

  • An advanced HPI reflector that uses advanced geometry to deliver maximum optical efficiency and easy removal and installation of reflector liners.
  • Quick-release reflectors for microwave-powered UV systems.
  • Lithium-Ion battery electrode binder chemistry that can be cured under high-powered UV light and will change the electric vehicle landscape by eliminating the need for NMP, an increasingly regulated solvent.


Innovative Technologies
and chemistries

UV Curing Technology
FX-2 Back Reflector
The FX-2 Back Reflector features an exclusive two-piece design that allows it to be easily removed for cleaning and inspection.

Putting people first.

Innovation is only as groundbreaking as it is usable. From intuitive touchscreen controls to reflectors that can be quickly inspected and removed with minimal production downtime, part of what makes our UV curing technology unique is that it is developed with production operators in mind.

Knowledge Center

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  • UV Curing: The Basics

    UV curing is the process by which UV light initiates a photochemical reaction of a UV-curable solution, causing the solution to polymerize.

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  • Microwave UV System

    What is a Microwave UV System? The microwave-powered electrodeless UV lamp is also constructed from a quartz tube containing mercury and a noble gas. It is powered by applying microwave energy to the UV bulb, which excites the mercury into a plasma to produce UV light. What is UV Curing? UV curing is the process…

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  • HPI: Arc UV System

    ARC UV System

    What is an ARC UV System? An arc UV system comprises electrodes at each end of a tubular-shaped quartz lamp, commonly filled with a blend of mercury and noble gas. By applying electrical discharge from these electrodes within the tubular lamp, the mercury is stimulated into a plasma state, emitting light across the entire UV…

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Explore the possibilities. We’ll help.

Work alongside our Ph.D. chemists, engineers, and UV experts in our fully equipped UV Curing Applications Laboratory to develop new processes, achieve cost reduction, and improve production workflows for your application.

Let’s work together.


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