Industry-leading arc lamp curing solutions.

With the highest peak irradiance available, the HPI arc lamp UV curing systems makes it possible to increase line speeds and achieve higher output using fewer bulbs, saving on operating and energy costs.
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Why HPI arc lamps?

Faster Curing Speeds

with the highest peak irradiance

Fewer Lamps Required

which lowers energy and operating costs

Ideal for Heavy Pigments

cures heavily pigmented inks and coatings

Easy Operation

touchscreen monitoring and easy maintenance

Easy Retrofit

to new or existing equipment

Lower Heat Output

with unique cold mirror reflector technology

HPI Arc Lamp UV Curing Systems
HPI Arc Lamp UV Curing Systems
HPI Arc Lamp UV Curing Systems
HPI Arc Lamp UV Curing Systems
HPI Arc Lamp UV Curing Systems

At a Glance

Meet HPI

Combining HPI’s extremely high peak irradiance UV output with its unique reflector design and cold mirror technology, HPI arc lamps deliver maximum UV performance with minimal heat load to the substrate. Lamps are available up to 90 inches long.  

A maintenance-friendly design allows for quick and easy replacement of the UV lamp, reflectors, and other components and the lamp’s compact size makes it adaptable to virtually any application and production equipment. 

Compact, light-weight, easy-to-install design for up to 15 lamps with 98% efficiency.


The powerhouse of UV systems, the XR offers unmatched production control.

What we Build

HPI Arc Lamp Systems

HPI can be configured in standalone systems or integrated with almost any existing equipment for a wide variety of industries and applications. We design and build custom systems for applications including but not limited to:

Innovation Spotlight

Innovative technology and thoughtful functionality come standard.

Improved optics on HPI reflectors efficiently focus UV light onto the product, creating industry-leading peak irradiance to enhance curing of pigmented coatings and inks. And our patented design allows the reflector liner to be changed without removing the reflector assembly from the lamp housing.


Explore the possibilities. We’ll help.

Work alongside our Ph.D. chemists, engineers, and UV experts in our fully equipped UV Curing Applications Laboratory to develop new processes, achieve cost reduction, and improve production workflows for your application.

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