Milcure R Reflectors

Milcure R Reflector


Miltec UV’s Milcure R Reflectors utilize our Patented design which allows the user to easily change the reflector liner without removing the Reflector assembly from the lamp housing. The Milcure R Reflector also has improved optics to efficiently focus UV light onto the product creating a very high UV peak irradiance level to enhance curing of pigmented coatings and inks.
Milcure R Raytrace

Benefits and Features:

  • Easy removal of Reflector Liner
  • Improved optics creates high UV peak irradiance
  • Provides excellent contact between the Reflector and the Reflector Liner to promote excellent heat transfer between the Reflector Liner and the Milcure R Reflector
  • Custom fabricated at Miltec UV


Custom lengths and configurations available
US Patent #: 6,720,566 B2