Milcure 1000 Premium Reflector Liners

Milcure 1000


Miltec UV’s Milcure 1000 Premium Reflector Liners offer tremendous benefits in UV reflectivity versus other reflector liners including reflector liners provided by most all UV equipment manufacturers. Many UV Reflector Liners only reflect 80 to 85% in UV-A and UV-B. Milcure 1000 Reflector Liners reflect over 95% in UV-A and UV-B. This will result in more UV output from your UV system which could offer enhanced curing and faster production line speeds.

Miltec UV can custom fabricate your reflector liner using our Milcure 1000 Premium Reflector Material. Additionally, we already have a database of over 500 reflector liners so contact us for a quote on your reflector liner.

Benefits and Features:

  • Enhanced reflectivity with Miltec’s premium efficiency Milcure 1000 Reflector Liner exceeds performance of every OEM reflector tested by Miltec
  • Custom fabricated at Miltec UV so we can duplicate your reflector liner


Reflectance in UV-A & UV-B: 95%
Material: Milcure 1000 reflector
Custom sizes and shapes available