H Bulb I6

H Bulb I6 380-00301

UV Bulb, H Type, 9 mm, 500 W/inch (196.85 W/cm) for 6 inch (15.24 cm) lamp models

Part #:

Miltec P/N:  380-00301

OEM P/N:  558412


Miltec’s electrodeless H type UV bulb is made for 6 inch (15.24 cm) 500 Watt per inch (196.85 W/cm) microwave powered UV curing systems. The H bulb is a medium pressure Mercury vapor bulb that produces a conventional Mercury spectral output, which includes light wavelengths distributed across the entire UV range. H bulbs are typically used in applications that cure efficiently with high intensity light in the UVC and UVA ranges. All Miltec UV electrodeless bulbs are manufactured in a very tightly controlled process environment to ensure maximum and consistent performance throughout the life of the bulb.

Benefits and Features:

Features and Benefits:

  • Direct replacement for OEM’s product
  • Produces extremely high peak irradiance of UV light at work surface
  • Constructed with the purest materials available to ensure maximum hours of usage and optimum performance
  • Every UV bulb is thoroughly tested to ensure consistent size, geometry, output, and performance will meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Bulb life warranty matches OEM warranty


Size classification: 6 inch (15.24 cm) bulb x 9 mm diameter
Specified for the following OEM lamp housing models: I6P1, I6P2, I6P3, and I6B
H bulb spectral output (Mercury spectrum)
500 W/inch (196.85 W/cm) power rating
Requires proper air cooling (refer to manual)