UV Curing Equipment

Microwave Powered and Arc Lamp UV Curing Equipment.

Miltec UV designs and manufactures a wide variety of UV curing equipment giving customers the flexibility to choose the most suitable UV technology for their application. Our UV lamp systems include microwave powered UV systems, ARC lamp UV systems, and systems for laboratory testing and research. We manufacture high-intensity UV curing equipment, unlike any other UV systems being offered today. The Miltec UV curing systems are superior to competitors’ systems because of their performance properties, including, higher peak irradiance output, higher UV energy output, exceptional cooling, and lower IR heat output all resulting in higher curing efficiency. Additionally, Miltec’s UV curing equipment has many user-friendly & maintenance-friendly features.

Our UV curing systems will save manufacturers money and increase the bottom line by increasing production and process efficiency. UV technology will typically allow the end-user to produce a higher quality product. UV printing inks appear richer and more vibrant in color, making the packages more appealing. UV cured coatings have better physical properties than thermally dried coatings. Miltec UV manufactures UV Curing equipment for a variety of markets and applications ranging from hardwood flooring to metal decorating, window films, optical fiber, medical devices, 3D printing, and semiconductor manufacturing. UV technology is increasingly being used in new applications and we have the knowledge and flexibility to custom design a UV curing solution for your application.

UV Curing Equipment MPI UV System
Microwave Powered UV Systems
UV Curing Equipment HPI ARC Lamp
Arc Lamp (HPI) UV Systems
Laboratory Research UV Systems
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