Microwave UV Parts

Miltec UV’s microwave spare and replacement parts for microwave powered UV curing equipment.

Customers rely on the quality of our UV replacement parts for their Microwave powered UV lamp systems. Miltec UV is a single source you can rely on to supply high quality, patented, replacement parts. The primary consumable parts used in a UV microwave powered lamp system include the UV bulb, screen, reflector, and magnetron. Miltec UV manufactures microwave bulbs that are 100% tested, patented screens, and optically enhanced and patented reflectors in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Stevensville, Maryland. We stock the primary UV replacement parts and, in most cases, can ship your order the day it is received. In addition to the primary consumables, various other UV spare and replacement parts are available for sale.

Microwave UV Parts & UV Replacement Parts for Lamp Housings

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Microwave UV Parts & UV Replacement Parts for Power Supply

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