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UV Light Disinfection 

Miltec UV manufacturers a tabletop conveyor equipped with a germicidal lamp that is ideally suited for small items such as N95 respirator masks or other products needing decontamination or disinfection. The Miltec medium pressure UV-C lamp emits a significant amount of radiation in the wavelength range between approximately 230-300nm with stronger output between 240-270nm. (Germicidal effectiveness ranges from 240-290nm.) 

This conveyor system can be used by a professional in the medical field to safely sterilize used N95 respirator masks under a high powered germicidal UV lamp. All parts of the mask would pass under the lamp at a distance of less than 4 inches from the focal plane. Similar systems are in production at numerous research and development labs and can be operated without specialized training or protective gear. 

Disclaimer: Miltec is in the process of acquiring FDA approval for N95 respirator mask sterilization. This unit should not be used in an area where RF interference is not permitted since it produces RF energy at 2450 MHz.  

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