Disinfect N-95 Respirator Masks with UV

Germicidal UV-C Lamp Technology

Disinfect N-95 Respirator Masks with UV

Miltec UV has developed a process, using our HPI UV system which produces a very high amount of UV-C light, to disinfect N-95 respirator masks. With the shortage of N-95 masks due to the COVID-19 virus, this process allows for high-speed sterilization without the use of chemicals.  The NIH recently published a study in support of using UV to sterilize N95 masks which can be found here. Based on previous research, the COVID-19 virus DNA or RNA can be inactivated so it cannot reproduce with about 5 millijoules of UV-C light.  The Miltec HPI UV system can produce more than 50 millijoules of germicidal UV-C light at a conveyor speed of 50 feet per minute (15.24 meters per minute).  That’s ten times more UV-C light than is required to destroy the DNA or RNA of the COVID-19 virus.  Depending on the loading methods, system options selected and number of people operating the sanitizing line, the quantity of masks that can be processed in a 24 hour day is between 15,000 and 36,000 masks.

The high powered HPI lamp has a significant benefit over other UV lamp systems because it simply produces more UV-C light than other low-pressure germicidal lamps. Our technology uses an HPI ARC lamp which will not interfere with hospital equipment as microwave energized UV lamp systems (2450 Mhz) have been known to do.

Options include a touch-less automatic mask flipper that will flip the mask after running under one lamp to expose the backside of the mask with a second lamp.  An inkjet printer can print an icon or message on the mask that indicates that it has been UV sanitized.

FDA approval is pending.

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