UV Printing

UV printing is likely the largest single application for UV curing since it encompasses such a wide range of products manufactured in application processes using wide web, narrow web, sheet printing, metal, paper, film, or foil. With so many diverse printing applications, there is a definite need for a high level of expertise to deal with complex issues associated with UV printing such as ink adhesion, substrate temperatures, curing dense inks, the demand for high speeds to reduce cost, etc. Miltec UV has extensive expertise working in numerous UV printing and converting applications to assist our UV printing customers with the complexities that need to be addressed before installing a new UV printing line.

With the introduction of our new Vivid Color HD Technology designed to cure thick pigmented inks, Miltec UV printing systems are curing the fastest operating wide web printing lines in the world. Miltec UV was chosen as the UV printing solution provider who could deliver as no other UV curing system in the world could, with the performance capability to cure at the most demanding speeds required. Our new Vivid Color HD Technology UV systems are curing inks on products with exceptional graphics on temperature sensitive plastic films. Whether the UV printing application is decorating a wide web film or a metal sheet with very dense UV curable inks, Miltec UV has the high performance UV printing solution that offers the best performance for your application.

UV Printing market applications include:

  • Wide web printing
  • Outdoor Lawn and Garden Plastic Film printing and coating
  • Folding cartons
  • Multiwall Bag Printing and Coating
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Label Printing
  • Metal decorating on Aerosol, food cans and tins
  • Screen printing
  • Lottery tickets
  • Business forms
  • Newspapers
  • Credit Card printing
  • Cup Printing
  • Tube Printing
  • CD’s & DVD’s
  • Point of Purchase displays

uv printing equipment

Benefits of working with Miltec UV for your UV printing application include:

  • New Vivid Color HD Technology that outperforms any UV printing system in the world!
  • Ability to cure thick, dense inks, resulting in exceptional graphics
  • Highly qualified team of UV printing experts with experience in converting applications
  • R&D lab to prove new processes or improve existing ones
  • Reliable UV printing system performance with consistent UV output
  • Easy maintenance and exceptional ongoing technical service
  • Advanced touchscreen controls for easy operator interface
  • Fewer number of UV lamps required
  • Lower energy and operating costs