Wide Web Converting and Printing Applications

Miltec UV has extensive expertise working with customers in a wide variety of wide web printing and converting applications. In fact, some of the fastest wide web converting lines in the world use Miltec UV lamp systems and exceeded production expectations. These systems cure inks on products with exceptional graphics on temperature sensitive plastic films. Whether decorating a wide web film with dense UV inks or curing a scratch resistant coating on window film, we offer two distinct UV technology solutions for the best performance results for your wide web paper, foil or film.

Miltec UV also offers Nitrogen inerted UV systems for applications that require virtually no oxygen during the curing process. Silicone release coatings many times require low oxygen levels to properly cure and the Miltec UV approach can provide these oxygen levels under 50 ppm.

With the Miltec UV two system solution, we can offer either our advanced arc lamp or microwave UV systems which are both cost effective, easy-to-use and maintain, energy efficient, eco-friendly, and perform to the highest demands in the business. Production requirements can usually be met with about half the number of our Miltec UV lamps on a converting line compared to other available UV technology. We handle projects any custom UV converting application and welcome you to work with us to prove a new process, improve an existing one, and ultimately find the optimum manufacturing solution for your project.

UV Converting market applications include:

  • Window Film
  • Outdoor Lawn and Garden Plastic Film decorating and coating
  • Wide Web Paper, Film and Foil coating
  • Silicone Release Coating
  • Multiwall Bag Coating
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Label Printing
uv converting hpi arc lamp

Vivid Color HD Technology

uv converting mpi microwave

MPI WebCure UV System

Benefits of working with Miltec UV for your UV converting application include:

  • Highly qualified team of UV experts with experience in UV converting applications
  • R&D lab to prove new processes or improve existing ones
  • Reliable UV system performance with consistent UV output
  • Easy maintenance and exceptional ongoing technical service
  • Advanced touchscreen controls for easy operator interface
  • Fewer number of UV lamps required
  • Lower energy and operating costs