Bottle & Cup Printing UV Solutions

Miltec UV’s bottle & cup printing UV solutions provide a consistent cure with good adhesion, scratch resistance, and eliminates wet ink issues while running at fast line speeds to meet production demands.  This stems from incorporating advanced optics, high peak irradiance UV output and efficiency features into our equipment based on listening and working closely with customers to address the pertinent issues and desired improvements for the market.  Our recent innovation, Vivid Color HD Technology, resulted from such input and led us to successfully cure dense, heavily pigmented UV inks at fast production speeds, a feat that had not been successful in the prior 30+ years.

Bottle and Cup Printing UV Solutions MPI Blower

Bottle and Cup Printing market applications include:

  • Plastic Closures
  • Bottle Printing
  • Cup Printing
  • Tube Printing

Benefits include:

  • Efficient UV Technology for curing high density inks
  • Eliminates scratching and wet ink due to under cured ink
  • Higher cure speed compared to UV systems currently used in production
  • Reliable performance with consistent UV output
  • R&D lab to prove new processes or improve existing ones
  • Easy maintenance and exceptional ongoing technical service
  • Fewer number of UV lamps required
  • Lower energy and operating costs
  • Made In USA