UV Curable Lithium Ion Electrode Binders

Miltec UV has developed a unique UV Curable Lithium Ion Electrode Binder that eliminates the need for thermal ovens, solvent recovery systems and slow processing speeds which are associated with toxic NMP solvated binders. Our advanced technology utilizes high powered UV light to cure and crosslink stable adhesion bonds between the active material and the current collector. Miltec’s UV technology dramatically reduces electrode manufacturing costs with lower capital and operating costs and increased processing speeds.

Miltec Patented UV Binder Chemistry


Lower Costs: 

  • No drying oven
  • No Solvent Recovery
  • Miltec UV cost model shows manufacturing savings in capital and operations of at least 85%.
  • Total electrode savings (including NMC and other materials):
    • 50% for the two single-sided layers in each cell
    • 25% for each double-sided layer

NMP Free Processing:
Since there is no NMP present in Miltec UV binders, employees involved in the production process work in a much safer environment.

Smaller Footprint:
Lithium Ion battery manufacturing facilities are known to be large to accommodate the thermal drying ovens, solvent recovery systems and other space consuming production equipment. Miltec UV’s technology reduces the cathode coating manufacturing space requirement by more than 80%!

Higher Processing Speeds

  • Processing speeds limited by coating speed, not by drying speed limitations.
  • UV Cured at 100 M/min