UV Curing System Technical Service

We are committed to helping you understand UV curing and address UV curing related questions and issues. Our UV system technical service professionals at our USA headquarters and around the globe are qualified to provide optimum solutions to keep production lines running and assist in starting up new lines. We have the expertise to answer questions and help solve problems related to most UV curing systems by phone. Miltec UV technical service professionals can evaluate the efficiency of your UV curing system and create a system profile of your UV process. By using state-of-the-art radiometry and electrical test methods, process guesswork can be virtually eliminated with regard to the UV part of the process. When you know the amount of UV output your system is capable of producing, you can easily create a process quality window and maximum line speed. Miltec UV can help you set up your own process control program specifically designed for your application.

Submit your request for technical service by filling out the form below or calling:

Miltec Technical Support Phone 8 am – 5 pm EST (GMT -5): (+1) 410-604-2900
After Hours Technical Support Phone: Call (+1) 443-591-2326 for the on-call technician’s cell phone.

Our Customers are comfortable calling Miltec UV knowing they will speak to someone from our knowledgeable customer service staff rather than suffer through an automated answering service.
– Brett, Miltec UV

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