UV Curing Applications Laboratory

Miltec UV’s unwavering commitment to customer support and forward-thinking in global markets is evidenced in part through our investment in our fully equipped, dedicated UV Curing Applications Laboratory. Located at our USA headquarters, our Lab is open for customers and formulators to work alongside our Ph.D. chemists, engineers, and UV experts toward breakthroughs in testing a new process, cost reduction, and process improvements using Miltec UV’s advanced technology UV Curing systems.

Applications Laboratory Equipment:

Hybrid UV Conveyor The hybrid UV conveyor is used for customer demonstrations and research activities.  It can be equipped with 2×23” HPI 650 W/in, 2 MPI-400 systems.  The conveyor speed range is 10-900 fpm.  Part clearance is 17”L x 19.5”H x 6.5”W (43.18cm L x 49.53cm H x 16.51W).
Gloss Control Conveyor The gloss control conveyor is a 3×23” HPI 450 W/in system designed for controlling gloss when curing UV curable coatings on wood and vinyl.  Speeds range from 20 to 400 fpm.  All lamp stations can be retapped to operate at 650 W/in.  Part clearance is 2.5” and the belt width is 20.5”.
Panel Cure Conveyor An extension of the Gloss Control Conveyor.  Designed to cures tops and sides of cabinets.  It borrows two lamps and their exhausts from the Gloss Control Conveyor.  It can also be configured for 0-3” overlap cure or infrared heater.  Part clearance is up 13” and the belt width is 20.5”.
MUVI Conveyor 3 lamp system:  1) MPI 2) HPI, and 3) lamp is rotatable and can be either an MPI or HPI.  HPI is 650 W/in.  MPI is either 400 or 600 W/in.  Width is 10” and height is 6”.  The conveyor runs 20-400 fpm.  Also runs in web mode with 3” cores.  The slot die web runs 20-200 fpm.
Label Web press  One MPI-400.  The web uses 3” cores and has a maximum width of 5”.  Runs UV Flexo or WB coatings or inks.  Finest Anilox 200 LPI.

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