Miltec UV R&D Chemist Publishes Article as First Author as an Undergraduate



Stevensville, MD- Miltec UV, 146 Log Canoe Circle ( announces that their R&D Battery Chemist Darius ‘Allen’ Shariaty has recently published an article as first author from his undergraduate research position at the University of Kentucky. In this position at UK, Allen’s work centered on the design, synthesis, and implementation of a self-healing polymer used in lithium-ion battery silicon anodes.  A provisional patent was filed for these materials, and an article was recently  published in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society, entitled Application of Cross-Linked Polyborosiloxanes and Organically Modified Boron Silicate Binders in Silicon-Containing Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries.

The inspiration for the design of these materials was an innocuous one: Silly Putty. Allen stated that, when confronted with the issues inherent to implementing silicon anodes in lithium-ion batteries, the viscoelastic and self-healing properties of this childhood toy were what first sprang to mind. As this photo of him shows: the seeds for this work were sown a long time ago.

Allen stated, “One of my goals as a scientist is to develop novel, but industrially relevant strategies for solving the most challenging problems in energy storage. This can range from making devices simply work better, to what my focus is here at Miltec: developing a manufacturing process that, if adopted, can greatly limit the environmental impact of manufacturing lithium-ion batteries. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to pursue such lofty goals with the team here at Miltec UV, as well as for the opportunity and guidance granted by my mentors Yang-Tse Cheng and Susan Odom from the University of Kentucky.”

About Miltec UV: Miltec UV has been servicing the UV industry for 28 years and sustaining its global leadership in manufacturing for both arc and microwave ultraviolet curing systems.  They offer standard UV equipment and custom designed systems to interface with existing or new manufacturing production lines.