A Real-Life Ghost and Spirit Story, and Then Some…

Real-life ghost and spirit story

Publisher October 29, 2018

Be warned, these are true encounters with spirits and ghosts.  It’s up to you whether you choose to believe in the paranormal or not. For a fun Halloween blog, we decided to interview Miltec UV employees. We found many employees had a real-life ghost and spirit story to tell.  Here are their true stories…

Real-life ghost and spirit story encounters


This first, real-life ghost and spirit story was told by a Miltec UV employee, who was visited by her father about 10 years after his death.  The story began when she went to visit her mother.  As the day ended, she headed off to bed and began her peaceful sleep.  Sometime in the middle of the night, she was awakened by the voice of her father saying, “There’s something wrong in the living room”.  She sat up in bed, and heard his voice again saying, “There’s something wrong in the living room”. She proceeded to get up and go downstairs to the living room.  When she got downstairs, she discovered that a pipe had broken through the ceiling and was leaking water all over the furniture.  She knows it was her father warning her about the broken pipe and will never forget that night!

real-life ghost story

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The next, real-life ghost and spirit story comes from a Miltec UV employee who was personally visited by a spirit about 11 years ago.  When she was pregnant, her brother-in-law, Michael, passed away.  When her son was born, her sister-in-law gave her a rattle from Tiffany’s that came from Michael.  (Michael always gave silver rattles to friends and relatives that had babies, and her sister-in-law gave her one on his behalf).  She decided to keep the rattle in its box, on the second shelf of the bookcase in her son’s room.

One day when her son was a couple of months old, she set him on a blanket in his room with a few books.  (She believes he was crawling at the time, but he was not able to walk).  She was in the room next to his sitting on the floor, blow drying her hair, when she felt this presence pass by the door in the hallway.  The feeling was so strong that she got up and went into her son’s room.  There he was, sitting on the blanket playing with the silver Tiffany’s rattle.  As of this day, she truly believes that her brother-in-law visited them and took the rattle from the box on the shelf and gave it to her son.

Real-life ghost story

Actual photo of the rattle


With our next interview, we learned of a real-life ghost and spirit story that simply gave us the chills.  Our Miltec UV employee had just had a very frustrating and upsetting day with one of her family members. She was so upset that she could not fall asleep.  She laid there wide awake and listened to her husband snore next to her.  Her “nanny” (dad’s mother) had been a big part of her entire life and was always there for her when she needed her. She had, however, since passed.  She kept her dearly in her heart always.  That night, she was praying and “talking” to her in her head.  She wanted her to guide her and comfort her since she had such an upsetting day.  Moments passed, and she asked her if she could just give her some sign that everything was going to be okay.  Seconds later, she was tapped on her shoulder with one finger.  She clearly felt the tap (which was not too light and not too hard).  She looked over at the only other person in the house — her husband, who laid there sleeping and snoring.

Real-life stories of ghosts

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This next Miltec UV employee told of his son’s real-life ghost and spirit story just one year ago. Our employee’s mother Amy passed away when his son was six months old.  She met her grandson, but he was too young to remember her.  Throughout his three-year life, the little boy had never been told his grandmother’s first name (Amy).  One day at the age of 3, the little boy woke up and told his father that someone came to visit him while he was sleeping.  The little boy said her name was Amy and she had come to say hi.  Our employee was in shock when he told him her name was Amy.

Real-life ghost and spirit story

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As our interviews continued, we found this real-life ghost and spirit story spooky.  Our Miltec UV employee was just a little girl when this happened to her. She loved to play with the toys she had in her bedroom. That night she left out her camper toy on the floor next to her bed. She was almost asleep when she saw the camper starting to move back and forth by itself.  It would move a couple inches forward and then a couple inches backwards and would not stop. She told “it” to go away but “it” didn’t.  She decided to cover herself up with her bed covers and remained there until morning.  There was no one else in her room that evening.

Real-life ghost and spirit story

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The sixth real-life ghost and spirit story happened to a Miltec UV employee while she was touring St. Augustine, Florida in 2007, one of the most haunted cities in America. As she stood outside the local fort, she decided to take a photo because there were only a few people around and it would make a nice shot.  She went ahead and took her photo and discovered a ghost/spirit had been caught in the photo.  She clearly saw the two legs and feet of someone in tennis shoes in her photo.  The actual photo taken is posted below.

This employee’s story does not end here though, she has had a few other encounters at the local firehouse where she volunteers.  On random days, she has smelled cigar smoke in the firehouse, and has seen shadows go across the main hall.  These are believed to be previous firehouse volunteers from the past.  They have become frequent visitors and are greeted by name.

Real-life ghost and spirit story

Actual photo showing the ghost’s legs and feet


Our next, real-life ghost and spirit story involves another Miltec UV employee and her son.  The first incident occurred when one day her son came downstairs and said he could feel someone behind him every now and then inside the house.  He said he felt like it was “nanny.”  His mother asked why he thought that and he said because he could smell her near him.  She always had on a specific perfume and that was what he would smell.  The second incident, and ongoing as of today, involves Mrs. Stanley.  Mrs. Stanley lived in their home a very, very long time ago and even passed away there. They seem to always feel her presence in the home, as does the cat.  They will find their cat sitting at the bottom of the steps just looking up while the rest of the family hears footsteps upstairs.  Their last incident occurred with their son again, except this time it was with Mrs. Ward. Mrs. Ward lived in one of the many slave homes next door a very, very long time ago. This location was considered a slave community in the past. As our employee’s son, who was 8 years old at the time, sat in his house staring out the window to Mrs. Wards’s house, he said she stared back at him from her window.

Real-life ghost and spirit story

Actual photo of Mrs. Ward’s Home

As a bonus to this blog, an additional experience has been added, though it is one based on aliens, not ghosts and spirits.  Our employee cannot say this actually happened to him, he considers it more of a waking dream sort of experience.  We will let you decide:

“I watched too many scary movies as a child. As a result, I would sleep with my blanket covering up all parts of my body, because I was convinced a killer might come by and cut off anything that was exposed.  So, I would wrap the blanket around my head, with only my mouth exposed.  During this time, I had reoccurring experiences where an alien would visit me in my sleep. They were like waking dreams, occupying some strange space between reality and fiction.  Sometimes, it would hover right next to my head.  As mentioned, I covered my eyes when I slept, and so the only evidence I had for this was a sense of presence — perhaps, a sense of electromagnetism and heat from a nearby body.  One night, I ‘woke up’ and saw it at the foot of my bed.  Its fingers were placed on the end, pointed at me.  They were long and spindly; their dexterity reminded me of surgical instruments.  In that moment, I stared, incapable of moving.  By some unnatural force, those fingers elongated, though the base of its hand remained at the foot of my bed.  They stretched forward, past my feet and ankles.  By the time they reached near my knees, I threw the blanket over my head.  I heard and felt nothing more, and never was visited again.”

Real-life ghost and spirit story

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As our interviews come to an end, we are amazed at the number of incredible stories.  We are thankful for our employees sharing their experiences and allowing us to share them with you.  Whether or not you want to believe in ghosts or spirits, it’s a fact that all of the above encounters are true and DID happen to real people.

Written by: Ana Hetzel and Beth Mosner

Miltec UV