Marketing Interns Help Miltec UV Globalize Business

Miltec UV Summer 2020 interns Kaylee Towey and Kelsie Oshinsky

Published August 20, 2020

Kaylee T
Kelsie O

Over the past two and a half months, global marketing interns Kaylee Towey and Kelsie Oshinsky learned about manufacturer marketing, assisted with website development, and researched and wrote website content. With the guidance of Beth Mosner, Sales and Marketing Administrator, Towey and Oshinsky provided new insights and suggestions for Miltec UV’s website enhancements and marketing strategies. 

The internship, offered through the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, supplied the opportunity for students to gain professional marketing experience in a virtual environment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The pilot Global Marketing Virtual Internship Program offered globalization training before the start of the summer, as well as additional training sessions throughout the summer, to equip interns with skills to aid their work. 

Robert H Smith UMD

Towey and Oshinsky worked on various projects targeting marketing strategy and development. Tasks were research-heavy, focusing on globalization best practices, competitor comparisons, future opportunities, social media enhancements, and general marketing improvements. They updated the front- and back-end of Miltec UV’s website, adding images, aligning content with international standards, and creating alt-text and metadata descriptions for searchability.

“I learned a lot about the more nuanced work of marketing,” Towey said. “My previous experiences focused more on writing and analysis, so it was a great experience to learn about the strategies behind each decision.”

Towey and Oshinsky spoke with members of the engineering department to learn about various aspects of the UV manufacturing industry, including the science and applications of Miltec UV’s technology.

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“It was interesting to talk to and learn from the engineers,” Oshinsky said. “They provided an additional perspective on Miltec UV’s target market, and it was great learning how different departments in a company work together to develop the overall business.”

In consultation with the engineering department, Towey and Oshinsky developed content for the Miltec UV website that included informational pages and blog material. They wrote about topics related to UV technology, such as the industrial chemical NMP and Miltec UV’s revolutionary approach to manufacturing lithium-ion batteries.

Li-ion Batteries
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“The most challenging aspect for me was learning the specific UV chemistry and then applying it to different marketing mediums, but it was helpful to have a co-intern to discuss the research with,” Towey said. 

Towey and Oshinsky provided new perspectives to Miltec UV’s marketing strategy. They started by addressing recommendations from the U.S. Commercial Service’s Website Globalization Review. The goal of the audit was to help Miltec UV become more effective at reaching potential customers in other countries. These suggestions, focused on improving internationalization, led to Miltec UV making several changes to the website. 

“Kaylee and Kelsie were able to devote time and resources to updating Miltec UV’s website using international best practices,” Mosner said. “This is something that was greatly needed, as our goal is to reach and acquire more international customers.” 

Towey and Oshinsky also contributed to Miltec UV’s marketing strategy by analyzing different alternatives for future decisions. This work will guide Miltec UV in website development, trade show attendance, target markets, and globalization.

“Working with Miltec UV this summer has been an excellent experience by providing me with a real-world opportunity to reach a target market and assist a company with their global marketing efforts,” Oshinsky said.

One of the most valuable aspects of the internship was working with Mosner. Her hands-on approach helped Towey and Oshinsky learn about Miltec UV and the UV industry, which equipped them with the skills necessary to accomplish the company’s goals throughout the summer. Mosner’s approachable and engaging management style made the summer internship that much more of a rewarding learning experience.

Oshinsky believes that the skills and insights she gained through her internship with Miltec UV, such as conducting effective market research and finding opportunities for website content creation, will be beneficial to her future career. This fall, Oshinsky will be a junior, with a marketing major and a creative writing minor. After finishing her degree, she plans to enter the marketing field to continue assisting organizations in developing and promoting their mission.

Interning at Miltec UV helped Towey explore a new realm of communications and gain additional experience with platforms like WordPress and Google Analytics, which equipped her with transferable skills for future endeavors. This fall, Towey will be a senior studying finance and communications (public relations concentration). After graduation, she plans to earn her master’s before working in financial communications.

“Kaylee and Kelsie are very bright students, and I respect their opinions and suggestions. I believe the changes and enhancements they made are going to have a positive impact on our global reach.” Mosner said. “It has been a pleasure working with them this summer.”

Written by Miltec UV Interns Kelsie Oshinsky and Kaylee Towey, students at the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business.