P160 Parts


HV Cable For P160 to I250 with Blower
Cable For P160 to I250 without Blower


Miltec P/N: 012-22230 High Voltage Capacitor
Capacitor 1.37 Mfd
Miltec P/N: 012-22231 High Voltage Capacitor
Capacitor 1.46 Mfd

Control Board

Miltec P/N: 380-50515 Filament control board 380-50515
Filament Control Card
Miltec P/N: 380-01310 Control Board 380-50056
Control Card

Control Transformers

Miltec P/N: 380-50517 Power Transformer 380-50517
Control Transformer


Miltec P/N: 381-37595 Fuse 380-50117
Fuse Holder


Miltec P/N: 380-01070
Bulb- On/Off Switch
Miltec P/N: 380-50025 Diode 380-50025
Other HV Diode
Miltec P/N: 010-00810 Viewing resistor P150 & P155 010-00810
Viewing Resistor