Switches 380-50015

Part #:

Miltec P/N:  380-50015

OEM P/N:  038141


This is the front panel lever switch that is specified for OEM models P150, P155, and P160 power supplies. It is used for controlling off/standby/on of power supply. The switch illuminates to a specific color to indicate system status: red for off, amber for standby, and green for on. The illumination blinks in the transition stages of standby and on, and remains solid in color when system reaches steady state condition.

Benefits and Features:

  • Direct replacement for OEM product
  • Competitively priced


3-position illuminating (lever type) lamp control switch
Controls operation of UV lamp system (off/standby/on)
Includes light bulb installed
Includes wire harness and electrical connector
Used in OEM models P150, P155, and P160 power supplies