RF-3 Detector

RF Detector 380-50421

Part #:

Miltec P/N:  380-50421

OEM P/N:  079961


This RF-3 Detector is a new advanced designed by Miltec UV that has additional features over the older antiquated designs of OEM’s of Microwave powered lamps.
The RF-3 Detector is compatible with most all existing microwave lamps (see the list under Specifications). Miltec’s RF-3 Detectors are precisely calibrated for maximum safety and equipment uptime.

Benefits and Features:

  • A relay (dry contact) output is provided to connect to any PLC-based controls
  • Ignores instantaneous RF spikes during start up to eliminate nuisance faults.
  • Status LED indicator lets the operator know that the detector is powered on and ready to go
  • Test button provided to verify that the RF detector is operational


Mounting bracket sized for exact fit with existing OEM systems
8 pin circular connector is “plug-compatible” to connect with all RF-1 and RF-2 OEM cables
Compatible with the following power supplies: P300, P150, P155, P160, P600, VPS-4, VPS-6, LHP10, LHP6.