Quartz Water Cooling Tubes

Quartz Water Cooling Tube


Miltec’s quartz water tubes are made from very high grade material for maximum UV transmission. Water flows through this quartz tube (positioned between UV lamp and substrate) to absorb the infrared heat emitted by the lamp, which helps cool the UV lamp system and the substrate.

Benefits and Features:

  • Made of high grade quartz for maximum UV transmission
  • Made to extremely tight tolerances to ensure good physical fit
  • Custom sizes are available upon request
  • Excellent Transmission Properties in the entire wavelength range of UV spectrum:
    • 90%-94% transmission in UVA, UVB, and UVV
    • 85%-90% transmission in UVC range


Part # Length Major O.D. O.D. on ends
(millimeters) (millimeters)  (millimeters)
058-00150 1121 38 24
058-00200 1173 38 24
058-00280 1393 38 24
058-00285 1521 38 24