Quartz Plates

Standard Quartz Plates


Miltec’s quartz plates are made from very high grade material for maximum UV transmission. Miltec can custom manufacture microwave quartz plates, arc quartz plates, and LED quartz plates.  The quartz plate will typically mount between the UV lamp and the substrate to isolate the lamp cooling air from the substrate environment without blocking the UV light. Quartz plates are commonly used in applications that are hampered by air movement in the cure zone, such as: nitrogen inerting systems, clean room environments, curing of low density or light weight substrates, or processes that involve the production of “optically clear” products (like solar window film).

Benefits and Features:

  • Made of high grade quartz for maximum UV transmission
  • Excellent Transmission Properties in the entire wavelength range of UV spectrum:
    • 90%-94% transmission in UVA, UVB, and UVV
    • 85%-90% transmission in UVC range
  • Precision cut to extremely tight tolerances to ensure an excellent physical fit
  • Custom sizes are available upon request for microwave, arc, and LED UV curing systems


Part Number Size (inches) Size (mm) Alternate OEM #
380-01301 6 x 6 152.4 x 152.4  300291
380-01302 6 x 10 152.4 x 254 300292
380-01303 6 x 12 152.4 x 304.8 300293
380-01304 6 x 6 152.4 x 152.4  300302
380-01305 6 x 10 152.4 x 254 300303
380-01306 6 x 12  152.4 x 304.8 300304