Protective Wire Sleeving, Medium Diameter

Protective Wire Sleeving 010-00300

Part #:

Miltec P/N:  010-00300


This high temperature protective sleeving provides extra protection for wires located inside of a UV lamp housing. The sleeving protects the wire from constant exposure to radiant heat and UV light and is typically used to protect the high voltage, 14 gauge wire that is used for lamp leads and lamp power wire which is installed on the inside of arc lamp UV units.

Benefits and Features:

  • Provides heat and environmental insulation for 14-16AWG wire to maximize life of wire.
  • Best suited to be used with Miltec P/N 010-00372 High Voltage Wire.
  • Available in any length


Fiberglass coated
Inside Diameter Tolerance: .258 – .278
Temperature Rating: 392°F (200°C)