Photocell, I250/I600

Photocell 380-01202

Part #:

Miltec P/N:  380-01202

OEM P/N:  255062, 255063


This photocell kit is specified for use in the OEM model I250 and I600 families of microwave powered UV lamp housings. Miltec’s photocells have a proven track record in thousands of UV systems worldwide.

Benefits and Features:

– Manufactured as direct replacement parts which meet or exceed all OEM specifications
– Kit includes a machined aluminum housing, photocell board, glass lens and mounting screws
– This is a stock item available for immediate delivery.
– Competitively priced!


Sized and configured to operate in all OEM model I250 and I600 lamps, which include: I250, I251, I252, I254, I256, I250B, I600, I601, I602 and I606 (English and metric versions)