HPI Nitrogen Inerted

Nitrogen Inerted UV Curing System


Miltec UV’s Nitrogen Inerted system incorporates our HPI arc UV lamp system with a nitrogen inerted chamber to achieve low oxygen levels in the curing environment, as low as 50 parts per million, for special curing applications requiring the elimination of oxygen during the curing process. The air- cooled lamp system is isolated from the curing chamber by easy access quartz filter plates. The system includes engineered design features which are extremely effective at providing consistent UV output while keeping heat emissions low on products during the curing process. The results are exceptional performance and cost savings applications with the strictest and most precise demands. Our innovative equipment is extremely easy to use and maintain, and is also energy efficient, and eco-friendly.

Applications Include:

  • Silicone Release Coatings
  • Medical
  • Converting
  • Wide Web
  • Specialized custom applications

Benefits and Features:

  • Efficient UV curing in nitrogen inerted chamber with oxygen levels as low as 50ppm
  • Reliable performance with consistent UV output across the entire cure width
  • Repeatable results with easy ability to make instant, easy changes to accommodate varying products
  • Easiest UV system to maintain with advanced operator interface/controls
  • Variable UV output from 40%-100% in 1% increments
  • Increased cure speed compared to UV systems currently used in production
  • Fewer number of HPI UV lamps needed, lower energy and operating costs
  • Significant savings in annual spare parts cost compared to competitive systems
  • Easy retrofit to replace old equipment
  • Made In USA