MPI Fibercure UV System

MPI Fibercure UV System 650-01174


Miltec UV’s MPI Fibercure is the preferred system of leading optical fiber manufacturers for UV curing on draw towers, coloring lines, and FRP coating applications. Since its introduction in 2011, it has surpassed the performance benefits of older UV technology for optical fiber manufacturing while providing substantial cost savings. The FiberCure features advanced patented optics to deliver consistent UV output, efficient cure, and faster line speeds with easier maintenance and substantially lower energy, parts, and operating costs. It is integrated on new draw towers, coloring, and FRP production lines and is easy to retrofit in place of older equipment. Contact us to review equipment details for your optical fiber project.

Benefits and Features:

  • Efficient curing with more light concentrated at the fiber for faster line speeds
  • More UV transmission
  • Less heat to the fiber and coating
  • More efficient cooling curing benefits and longer parts life
  • Lower energy and operating costs
  • Lower parts cost
  • Robust housing with easy maintenance features
  • Easy maintenance and exceptional ongoing technical service
  • Advanced easy operator interface
  • FM2 option allows for inspection and cleaning without disturbing fiber or cable being cured.


  • Optical Fiber Draw Towers
  • Coloring Lines
  • FRP Coating
  • Cable Marking


MP-400 Power Supply Specifications:

Primary power choices:

Standard Power Supply: 240-480vac (60hz), 380-415vac (50hz)
CE Power Supply: 380-480vac (60hz), 380-415vac (50hz)
Electrical requirement:  At 480vac (60hz), L1-7A, L2-7A, L3-11A; At 400vac (50hz), L1-8A, L2-8A, L3-15A
Control functions: Power: On/OffLamp: On/Standby/OffPower select: Low/High
Remote control inputs: Lamp On/Lamp Off/Low Power
Safety Interlock inputs: System blower/External Interlock
Relay outputs: Filament On/HV On/Low Power/Lamp On/Press Enable
Standard Power Supply Weight: 160lbs. (72.6kg)
CE Power Supply Weight:  143lbs. (65kg)
Standard Power Supply Dimensions:  31.27 in. L x 17.50 in. W x 8.25 in. H
(794mm x 445 mm x 210 mm)
CE Power Supply Dimensions:  788mm x 433mm x 222mm
Standard cable lengths:  2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 11m, 14m, 16m, 17m 21m, 26m, 31m, 38m
CE Certification (MP-400 CE Only)

ML-400 Lamp Module Specifications

Weight:  33.6 lbs. (15.25 kg)
Dimensions: 10.52 in. W x 15.34 in. H x 8.88 in. D(267mm x 390 mm x 226 mm)
Material and Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel
Optimum focus:  2.1” (53mm) with respect to the bottom of the housing
Air Cooling requirements:  250 SCFM @ 5.5 – 7.0 inches W.C. (7.1 M³/[email protected] Pascals)
Options: Cold mirror reflector, Integral Cooling Blower, Top Connector Lamp (ML-401), Fiber Optic Lamp (ML-406), Bulb Fills (H, H+, D & V)
Cure Width:   10 inches (254mm)

Back Reflector Specifications

Weight: FM 9 lbs. (4kg), FM2 9 lbs. (4kg)
Dimensions:   FM 10.71 in. W x 6.5 in. H x 9.8 in D (272 mm x 165 mm x 249 mm)
FM2 10.92 in. W x 6.5 in H x 9.8 in D (272 mm x 165 mm x 249 mm)
Height: Measured from face of lamp
Material and Finish:  Brushed Stainless Steel
Options: Cold mirror reflector, Quartz Tube, Iris, Alignment Fixture, Nitrogen Purge