Milcure MD Cold Mirror Reflector Liners

Milcure MD Cold Mirror


If you have a heat sensitive substrate or product, then consider our Milcure MD Cold Mirror Reflector Liners. These Cold Mirror Reflector Liners absorb the unwanted infrared (IR) energy, which removes virtually all of the focused IR on the work surface to minimize the heat load on the substrate. The Milcure MD Cold Mirror Reflector Liner also offers tremendous benefits in UV reflectivity in UV-A and UV-B by reflecting over 95% in these UV regions. This will result in more UV output from your UV system which could offer enhanced curing and faster production line speeds while removing most of the heat from your process.

Miltec UV can custom fabricate your reflector liner using our Milcure MD Cold Mirror Reflector Material. We can usually meet your delivery requirements within a few days.
Cold Mirror Technology

Benefits and Features:

  • Enhanced reflectivity in UV-A, UV-B and UV-C
  • Removes most of the IR from being reflected so your substrate remains cooler during the curing process
  • Custom fabricated at Miltec UV so we can duplicate your reflector liner.


Reflectance in UV-A & UV-B:  95%
Material: Milcure MD reflector
Custom sizes and shapes available