High Voltage Cable Connector, 90° Bend, Female – 1 Pin

Part #:

Miltec P/N:  220-40850


This high voltage connector contains a single female socket and is mounted on one of the high voltage interconnect cable that supplies the power to the UV lamp. As opposed to the straight connector, this connector has a 90° bend so it can be used in tight spaces where the cables must be turned to the side as opposed to exiting off of the lamp straight outward. Since this connector uses a female socket, it is used on the ouput side of the cable so it will always connect to the UV lamp housing. This connector will mount to the Miltec UV shielded cable part #: 010-00390. Typically, two HV cables with this connector are required for each lamp.

Benefits and Features:

● Direct replacement for Aetek UV High Voltage connectors
● Suitable for all arc lamp applications
● Military Class Grade
● The 90° connector allows the lamp High Voltage cable to turn at a 90° bend at the point of connection to reduce clearance requirements for the cable at lamp connection end.


● Plug is keyed with its mating connector to turn in one direction.