ADV Honeycomb High Output RF Screen

Part #:

Miltec P/N:  380-00820

OEM P/N:  019711


Miltec’s new premium ADV “Honeycomb” RF screens primary benefit compared to other RF screens is that it allows more UV light to transmit through the screen to the work surface, resulting in up to an 8% increase in UV output from the lamp. This will allow the user to increase line speeds and improve curing efficiency.

Benefits and Features:

  • Increase of up to 8% in UV Peak Irradiance values, mw/ cm², versus mesh RF Screens!
  • Self Healing feature to prolong the life of the RF Screen
  • Less Arcing issues due to patented design features
  • Screen is more robust and resilient, making it less susceptible to being damaged
  • Includes patented “Quick Release” feature with 4 captive fasteners for quick and easy removal and replacement
  • Stainless steel frame with brushed finish gives much cleaner appearance
  • RF gaskets attached to stainless steel frame exceed quality and performance of OEM product
  • Direct replacement for OEM product when used with Miltec’s reflector
  • Patented design


Fits the following 10 inch (25.4 cm) lamp models: I250, I250MB, I251, I252, I254, I256
I600M, I601M, I602M, I606M LH10
Must be used with Miltec’s QR series reflectors to ensure fastener compatibility