Fight Residual Contamination with UV-C Disinfection Technology

Safe reuse of N95 respirator masks by effective decontamination methods is critical during the COVID-19 pandemic to help protect our doctors and nurses on the front line. The CDC guidelines for disinfection and sterilization include the use of UV technology for the inactivation of microorganisms and the CDC authorized the decontamination of N95 respirator masks as part of their Crisis Capacity Strategy. UV-C disinfection technology has been used for decades and can be offered as a solution to mitigate and help prevent the spread of the virus. Miltec UV developed a process using their High Peak Irradiance (HPI) UV lamp technology, which produces an extremely high amount of UV-C light, to disinfect N95 respirator masks. The UV-C germicidal range is from 200-280nm, however the specially formulated UV lamps offered by Miltec UV have significantly stronger output than the existing UV-C lamps on the market.

Based on previous research, the COVID-19 virus DNA or RNA can be inactivated so that it cannot reproduce with approximately 5 millijoules (mj) of UV-C light. The Miltec HPI UV system can produce more than 50 millijoules of UV-C light at a conveyor speed of 50 feet per minute. That is 10 times more UV-C light than is required to inactivate the virus. 

According to the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) UV technology needs to be applied correctly to be effective. Exposure time, energy intensity and the ability to reach the virus all impact the effectiveness of UV to inactivate the virus.

Miltec is currently working on FDA Approval of their High Peak Intensity UV-C disinfection technology.

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