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Miltec UV
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 22 reviews
by Akiko Furiya on Miltec UV
Export/Import Manager Distributor in Japan

We are a Japanese agent dealing with Miltec products for many years, selling their equipment and parts. I have received praise from our customers, for the Miltec high quality products and I am very always satisfied with their quick and polite response.

Thank you.

by Mr Kwon on Miltec UV
General Manager

Thank you for excellent Technology for UV.
We can expect that new market and new material and new trend on UV market with this Technology in the near future.

by Bernward Roettgers on Miltec UV
Distributor in Europe

Dear Miltec,
First of all, let me say that it has been a pleasure working with you over the last 11 years. I felt it was time to say this! Sorry, it took me so long.

I have worked my entire career in the UV industry and the professionalism, the quality of your products and your reliability are the best I have experienced in my entire career!!! It is fun to work with you guys as your response time is 1st class. The guys on the front line as well as your back office are top and I am glad to be part of this as your distributor in Europe.

Thank you guys!!!

by Zhang Ping on Miltec UV
General Manager Distributor in China

I have been working with Miltec for over 13 years, sales to Chinese customers. Miltec is granted twice by a Chinese customer for their "Best Innovative Supplier". Miltec is always improving their technology and products, bringing the latest and best technology to customers. These innovative measures help to reduce production costs and increase line speed greatly in the market.

by Leonard on Miltec UV
Senior R&D Leader

Let me begin by saying thanks for the information you provided.  I must say, your service is second to none.   I really appreciate the time you guys invest to continue a good customer relationship and the follow up that Steve provides to check on our needs.

by Anonymous on Miltec UV
Principal Scientist

I have been working with Miltec UV for over 10 years. The quality of service and technical knowledge are second to none. They do not hesitate to go above and beyond for their customers and truly are a pleasure to work with.

by Mike M. on Miltec UV
Major Metal Closure Decorator

The Miltec UV technology is the best thing we have found at any conference we have attended. The superior air flow and cooling technology eliminated many processing issues we were experiencing with other UV curing systems. The efficient design of the Miltec HPI arc lamp system along with the increased UV output helped to improve throughput and reduce waste in production. Glad we made the decision to upgrade to Miltec UV!

by Shawn on Miltec UV
Operations Manager

MILTEC is definitely one of the best companies that I have EVER done business with.”

by Senior R&D Buyer on Miltec UV

By the way, we ran our first set of trials with John D this week.   He is a very happy camper.  The system performance exceeded his expectations.  Hopefully, more good news to come as we move forward.   We are back in the UV business.


by L.G. on Miltec UV
Process Development Engineer

Mr. Erskine,

First of all, let me say that it was a pleasure working with you over the last two days. This includes the professional as well as the personal interaction. The guys echo the same message. As for the start up of the system that was installed, your approach to checking the system functionality was methodical and efficient. It was a pleasurable surprise that we finished up in a timely manner and actually had time to get a feel for the performance of the system.

I must say that my days with the Fusion UV microwave system has given me a greater appreciation for the arc lamp system. I was also very impressed with the user interface via the HMI and all of the diagnostic information provided with the touch of a button. It tells you how long I have been away from the UV game. I am thankful that Steve D. spent all the time up front to educate me on the differences and why the arc lamp would be a better fit for our operation.

I wanted to congratulate you and your other team members for a job well done. I am sure that we still have a bit to learn in regards to matching the process to the product requirements. However, with your system, this is going to be a definite technical enhancement. Take care and I look forward to growing with you guys in a business relationship.

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