The Power of 100: Chesapeake Women Who Care

Miltec UV’s Trade Show Coordinator, Connie Blandford, recently established a new chapter for The Power of 100: Chesapeake Women Who Care. This new, Eastern Shore of Maryland chapter is led by a group of women who are committed to making a difference in the lives and well-being of others.  The purpose of the organization is to gather twice a year to raise money for a local cause by bringing together 100 women who each donate $100 to the organization.  The gathered donations are awarded to one charity selected through a drawing and then nominated through a member voting process during each chapter meeting.

The Power of 100 held its first meeting on February 27, 2019 and welcomed 75 new members.  The $7,100 raised that evening was donated to Crossroads Community, Inc., a non-profit organization providing behavioral health rehabilitation and case management services to residents of five counties throughout Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  

The next meeting will take place on October 9th at Prospect Bay Country Club. Connie is hopeful they will have an additional 25 new members that evening reaching their goal of 100. She is passionate about the organization and cares about local causes and the ability to be able to make an impact in the community for years to come.

For more information visit:

United Flying Octogenarians

Florida 2018 Meeting UFOctoberfest

Miltec UV’s founder Joseph Blandford Jr. is a Director and the Florida Area Representative of the United Flying Octogenarians or U.F.O. The U.F.O. is a pilot organization that is considered one of the world’s most notable. The group was founded in 1982 by a group of 31 aviators over the age of 80. The U.F.O. now has a membership of over 1,500 men and women in the United States including the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, Argentina, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom. They meet regionally to exchange flying stories, for education, comradery and renewing old friendships.

The U.F.O. Charter states that the purpose of the non-profit organization “is to promote longevity and safety in aviation; to represent the interests of senior pilots worldwide; to inspire youth to fly; and to promote fellowship among senior pilots”.

On Memorial Day weekend, Joe Blandford is hosting a Tri State Meeting of the U.F.O.’s at the Thomasville, Georgia Aviation Club. Over 200 members from Alabama, Florida and Georgia have been invited to attend with guests. All are welcome, and members are encouraged to bring along prospective new members – the only requirement for membership is that they have flown as pilot in command on or after having reached their 80th birthday. The educational seminar offered at the May meeting titled, “Aging Gracefully – Flying Safely” will discuss the effects of aging on pilot performance and flying safety.

The love of aviation binds this elite group together. Joe Blandford is as passionate about flying as he is about Miltec UV. His love of aviation is an invaluable contribution to the success of the company. Miltec UV is dedicated to building long term relationships with their customers. Personally flying parts to a “down” customer is an example of customer service at its best! 

For more information about the U.F.O. please visit

Community Outreach

Nancy Kunkel

Miltec UV inside sales representative Nancy Kunkel and her husband Dan, often spend their evenings out in the bountiful fields and orchards on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, working with the Maryland Food Bank to harvest fresh produce for those in need.

The Maryland Food Bank works with a network of farmers on the Eastern Shore and throughout Maryland, who generously donate portions of their crops to provide hungry Marylanders with fresh, nutritious, local produce.  When the crops are ready, volunteers head out to the fields to pick corn, potatoes, apples, pears, cucumbers, watermelons and even pumpkins.  The gathered food is then delivered to the nearly 1,250 distribution partners, including soup kitchens, pantries, and shelters in Maryland. 

Nancy also volunteers with our local Food Pantry, sponsored through Haven Ministries, helping distribute the gathered and donated food, clothing, and household products to more than 100 families each month.

The website for the Maryland Food Bank is

Clothing Drive for Haven Ministries

On Monday December 17th, Miltec UV donated several bags to the Haven Ministries Clothing Drive. There was an overwhelming show of support with so many bags that they almost filled 2 cars! The donations included coats, clothes, toys and games. Haven Ministries will distribute the items in a variety of ways. The heavy sweaters, sweatshirts and coats will go to the Homeless Shelter and other items including decorations, toys and clothing will be taken to the Our Daily Thread Thrift store. Proceeds from the thrift store financially benefit other programs operated by Haven Ministries.

Haven Ministries provides hope to those in need in Queen Anne’s County by supplying shelter, clothing, food and support. Miltec UV is a silver level sponsor of Haven Ministries and has been supporting them for years through donations, volunteerism and the Run4Shelter. To find out more about Haven Ministries, go to

About Miltec UV:  Miltec UV has been servicing the UV industry for 29 Years and is a global leader and manufacturer of both arc and microwave ultraviolet curing systems.  Miltec offers a wide range of quality UV parts, standard equipment, and custom UV systems designed to interface with existing or new manufacturing production lines. These systems serve a broad diversity of industry-specific applications and market segments. Among the many applications supported are: optical fiber, metal decorating, hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, automotive products, as well as many other industries.

Miltec Employees Volunteer With FEED A FAMILY

Miltec UV


Miltec UV recently participated in the 2018 FEED A FAMILY program. FEED A FAMILY has been serving the less fortunate in Stevensville, Chester, Grasonville, Queenstown, and parts of Centreville, MD for 14 years. Any family who needs food for Thanksgiving can contact FEED A FAMILY to receive help. This is a program sponsored by local churches and community members in QAC. Their main focus is getting Turkey tags displayed, chosen, filled, and then deliver a Thanksgiving turkey box (includes a turkey and non-perishable items) to the families the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Food is collected for this program through donations collected in various locations throughout the county.  Any extra leftover food gets distributed to local food banks.  The program provides the opportunity for one to help a family out during the holiday season and to spread thanks and love.


Traditional food banks have successfully supplied food to families in need. Over the years, due to increased challenges, programs like FEED A FAMILY were established to help alleviate some of the strain on the food banks. A traditional food bank has operational costs such as food storage and refrigeration, rental facilities, volunteer management, water, trash, electric, and insurance expenses. The FEED A FAMILY programs do not have a set location to serve their community and do not have a lot of overhead.

This year the FEED A FAMILY program in Queen Anne’s County was able to provide nearly 450 Thanksgiving turkey boxes to families. Left over boxes were refrigerated and will be distributed to other local food banks and also given to a local Christmas program. This program helps many families in various situations that have ongoing difficult situations as well as families with short term unexpected situations.

Miltec UV

Miltec Employees Volunteer

As a company our Miltec UV employees came together in various ways to help the FEED A FAMILY program. Miltec UV put out the Turkey tags provided by the program for employees to fulfill. Each turkey tag required you to purchase a turkey and other non-perishable foods for the particular family listed on the tag. We had employees come together as individuals and teams to fulfill the tags. Our employees also contributed non-perishable food items to a collection box placed near our lobby. Items included instant mashed potatoes, stuffing, canned vegetables, cornbread mix, etc.  All of the items collected were used to help fill the Thanksgiving turkey boxes that were delivered to the families in need. Our employees also helped by volunteering their efforts after work at the FEED A FAMILY collection center. Miltec UV volunteers helped receive and organize all food donations dropped off at the collection center. Some of our employees went on to also help deliver the Thanksgiving turkey boxes to the designated families using their own vehicles the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  The following paragraphs are written by our employees about their first hand experiences with the FEED A FAMILY program:

Every year I say to myself “I am going to help others next holiday season” and every year I find some excuse to not get involved.  This year Miltec provided the boost I needed to offer a helping hand.  Through Miltec’s support of the Feed a Family Community Program and the turkey tags hanging in our office I decided to grab a tag.  I also signed up to volunteer on Wednesday, November 14th.  When I arrived at the Kent Narrows Center to deliver my turkey tag box I was greeted by a few very friendly ladies who were very thankful for my donation.  I then volunteered my services and began handling box after box of donations.  I realized that there are so many caring and giving families in our community and all around us.  As we were organizing boxes of donated blessings my coworker, Levi, said it best…Why just 1 day?  It made me wonder…why not every day?  Why can’t we give to those in need every single day?  It doesn’t have to be a monetary donation.  Time and love is all it takes.  Be kind to each other.  Reach out a helping hand to those in need.  Be someone’s saving grace.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

~Joyce McGinnis


God Bless the Feed A Family Program:  My boss and I put a box together for a family in the program and dropped it off Wed. The Volunteers there took care of everything and I thought Wow, this is really organized. There were so many other donations pouring in while I was there and leaving. They even helped get donation boxes out of cars.

Thursday was the day I committed to helping sort the boxes to get them ready for the families. I walked in and was immediately greeted and escorted back to the staging area. I worked through 3 tables of 10-20 families each. Looking through each paper to determine the family’s needs my heart felt heavy just knowing that all these families may have missed out on a Thanksgiving Tradition that every individual can be thankful for. As I filled and checked the boxes for each family I was overwhelmed with how much food was donated by my neighbors, friends and co-workers. The fact that we have so many families that need help and then having so many families willing and able to help them brings a renewed feeling of Community love and respect. God Bless the Feed a Family Program, It’s volunteers and most of all the families in need.

It’s funny, I laugh every time I hear the famous words of “It’s a Shore Thing,” an “Shore Proud,”, but I am so proud to call the Eastern Shore, my home for the past 40 years.

Have a blessed holiday.

~Kellie Todd


I’m proud to work for a company that partners with non-profit organizations; It’s clear they care about our community and residents.  I was honored to volunteer my time to the Feed a Family initiative, and packed meals for families who need help this Thanksgiving.  My experience last night left me feeling proud to support such an important project, happy to know people will eat this upcoming holiday, and grateful to give back directly to locals. Additionally, it’s heartwarming to see other adults and children joining in on the effort.  Since I am a recent transplant to Kent Island, this gave me the ability to get more connected with others that love doing service work and find additional opportunities to give back to our community. Lastly, working alongside my department and coworkers not only further strengthens bonds, but also builds trust.  I am grateful for the experience.

~Natalie Fisher


The experience that I had while volunteering was very humbling and a reminder that sometimes in life it is the small things that count. I took the time out to give back because it simply was the right thing to do in my own opinion, as a man I feel that it is of importance to step up where needed in the community. In today’s society it is more important than ever for men to step up and be a leading example to our youth, children, and women of strength, integrity, and leadership.

~Levi Stull


Involvement in Feed – A – Family was a fantastic experience. I volunteered to help organize food on Thursday evening and deliver turkey boxes with my son on Saturday morning. The whole operation was so well organized that it made volunteering easy. I was astonished by the magnitude of food that was donated and the overwhelming support of the volunteers!  Everyone was so helpful and enthusiastic and most of the volunteers I spoke with had been doing this for years.  The best part about the experience for me was showing my son the importance of being part of the community and giving back through volunteering. We chose 5 families in the Centreville area since that is where we live. My son and I were anxious to meet residents we didn’t know, and we talked about how we would always remember them. I know that we will both cherish this experience and we look forward to continuing this tradition for many years to come.  Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and grateful. Gratitude requires practice. Involvement in activities like this not only helps others, but it helps us see our situation in a new light and to be happy and grateful for what we have.

~Beth Mosner


FEED A FAMILY was truly an experience that touched my heart. I volunteered last week during two occasions. My first experience was with my son during their Youth Night. As we approached the building we were welcomed by an eight-foot-tall inflatable turkey. That simply set the mood and put a smile on my face. Upon entering the building, we witnessed at least 100 children volunteering. From ages 3 to 18, everyone was hands on doing as much as they could. I was shocked at how many children (and parents of course), came out to volunteer. We immediately began working and began filling up green bags with all sorts of non-perishable items. We left that evening with a feeling of happiness, a feeling that just made us feel good inside that we were able to help others. A few days later I returned with my son and husband to deliver turkey’s and other food items to the family’s homes. What an amazing experience! To be able to see such gratitude and hear their personal stories was so special to myself, son, and husband. Those will be moments that will never be forgotten. I am so grateful and blessed to have been able to help so many families and to be able to make just a little difference in their lives.


Miltec UV


Oyster Recovery Partnership-Operation Build A Reef


Miltec UV is a proud sponsor of the Oyster Recovery Partnership-Operation Build a Reef and has contributed 26,000 baby oysters to help restore a 13-acre oyster sanctuary in Maryland. The 26,000 oysters will approximately filter 1,3000,000 gallons of water each day as adults. The Oyster Recovery Partnership received funding from the state of MD to create Operation Build a Reef to put 40 million juvenile oysters into the river however they took it a step further. The Oyster Recovery Partnership partnered up with the Severn River Association and set a goal to plant an additional 10 million oysters.   Miltec UV states “This is a great opportunity to help a local program provide positive results on human lifestyle and health. It will result in lowering harmful nutrients in our river and bay which in result will improve our marine environment.” The sanctuary is located in the Severn River between the Severn River bridge and the Naval Academy bridge in Annapolis, MD.

View the first OPERATION BUILD A REEF Planting:

Operation Build a Reef: Severn River



Miltec UV recently supported UNBOUND, a program that supports and helps strengthen individuals and families who live in poverty. Our generous monetary donation will go directly to help strengthen the programs they offer to children, students, and elders around the world.  In addition, the donation will provide emergency housing repairs, help with medical expenses, and support for mother’s groups.  UNBOUND believes the role of anti-poverty organizations strengthens local human support networks, not replace them. Replacing human networks creates dependency however nurturing human networks creates interdependency.  As a result, the programs have allowed:

  • 51% of sponsored children to stay in school more than a year longer than their peers
  • 77% of sponsored children to participate in the program through organized small groups
  • 90% of mothers believe they have the power to change the lives of their families

UNBOUND also provides the opportunity to sponsor an individual. They have found that individuals and their families make good choices when they have support and encouragement. They invest in the education of their children and become active community participants. Sponsoring an individual provides direct, personal support for them, encourages them, and allows them to develop their talent and fulfill their potential in life.

Overall, at the heart of the UNBOUND program are two concepts.  One, families make the best decisions about how to overcome the challenges they face and two, small groups of people work together to build lasting support structures for a community.

Local Support


Miltec UV is proud to support the local community and various programs that promote the well-being of the county. Most recently, we provided a monetary donation to support a child safety and drug awareness program that the Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff initiated. The program provides child safety and drug prevention materials to children as well as their parents within the county.  The materials are exclusively designed by the National Child Safety Council, the oldest and largest 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to the safety of children in the U.S.   We continued our community support by providing donations for the Office of the Sheriff’s 2018 Annual Gala. The Gala is an awards ceremony and dinner which shows an appreciation to the men and women who serve Queen Anne’s County, MD. Lastly, we donated unique fidget spinner pens to the Queen Anne’s County Department of Social Services.  The fun, interactive pens will be used by the staff and distributed to children visiting the office. Our hope is that the pens will bring a smile to their face and brighten their day!


LLS – Team in Training

Our Sales & Marketing Administrator, Beth Mosner relishes in supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as part of the Team In Training.  Beth has run the Disney Marathon for the last 2 years as part of the team and has raised over $7,600.  She has a personal connection with the Leukemia Society because her niece was diagnosed with AML Leukemia in 2012 and was just recently declared a Cancer Survivor!

As part of the LLS Team in Training, Beth has an opportunity to give back to an organization that has done so much for so many battling cancer. Team in Training was started in 1988 by Bruce Cleland to raise funds for his daughter Georgia who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 1987. TNT is a program that prepares athletes for premier endurance challenges. The team provides it’s members with training and support in return for raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. TNT is the largest charity endurance training program in the world, powered by 650,000 athletes who have raised over 1 billion dollars.

This year was a very special year for Georgia Cleland and TNT as they celebrated their 30 Year Anniversary! Georgia chose this year to complete her first marathon as a way to say thank you to the employees, volunteers and athletes involved with the Team. Here is a picture of Beth and Georgia the day before the 2018 marathon.







Here is a link to Beth’s fundraising page.

Volunteer Coach


Our HR Manager, Karen McKernan volunteers her time, knowledge and experience as a coach at her alma mater, Notre Dame of Maryland. She successfully completed the Leadership in Action Coaching course before beginning as a coach for the University’s graduate program. Her volunteer services support the Dept. of Business & Economics, specifically the Coached Leadership Practicum course. This course offers graduate students an individualized, real-world impactful learning experience which provides a hands-on opportunity to apply leadership learning in a business environment.  Karen volunteers with projects in the Human Resources discipline.

Her volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Communicating regularly with the coachee on an agreed upon schedule.
  • Attending the first class session and the final class session and video presentation.
  • Developing a professional relationship with the coachee.
  • Providing advice/counsel on the project plan and scope.
  • Providing non-directive advice/counsel during the execution of the project.
  • Availability by phone, email or in person as coachee requests or needs guidance.
  • Maintaining communication with the Program Director.

Karen spends approximately 4-5 hours per week helping her coachee learn, anticipate, predict, push back and deal with confrontation in a professional, respectful manner.  She reviews her work, reads her papers, offers suggestions, shares her professional experiences and HR connections and helps her gain confidence in herself and her abilities.

In December of 2017, Karen was recognized by Notre Dame of Maryland University for her exemplary service as a volunteer coach. The University frequently calls her to support their graduate students in this program. When asked why she volunteers, Karen said. “This is about giving back and willingly sharing my Human Resources knowledge and experiences with individuals just entering the field of HR. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than watching someone grow professionally”.

Helping Eliminate Hunger

“We are all put on this earth to help each other in any way we can” are the thoughts of  Mike Voss and one of the reasons he dedicates himself to his community, as well as being an integral part of our sales team. He is a magnanimous person here at Miltec whose generosity of spirit is quite large!

In addition to being our Upper Midwest Regional Sales manager,  Mike is also the current Vice-President of the WAFER Food Pantry located in La Crosse, WI. WAFER distributes 1.6 million pounds of food to people suffering from food insecurity. That covers 39,000 people with 3 meals a day for 4-5 days with a total of 1,350,000 meals provided annually.  They also have a Mobile Food Pantry which distributes food to rural communities and an after school “Backpack” programs for community schools that provides children with food to eat over the weekend.  Nutrition Education programs are offered to educate people on how to prepare healthy foods at home. Lastly, they provide Senior Share food programs for the elderly who need diet specific foods. These are just a few of the programs they support! Mike states “We are all put on this earth to help each other in any way we can.  There is so much hidden need in all our communities. The WAFER Food Pantry affords me the opportunity to serve those who are less fortunate in our community.  Helping eliminate hunger benefits our entire community in so many positive ways.  Solving hunger issu es allows children to succeed in school, helps the elderly and physically challenged to gain access to healthy food and removes fear from people’s lives.  It makes me feel good to help people and see them lead healthier lives.”

In addition, Mike is on the Big Brother/Big Sisters Golf Committee which strives in reaching an annual goal of $15,000 to support youth mentoring programs as well as the United Way Fund Development Committee which develops programs to meet fundraising goals of the United Way in La Crosse, WI.

For further information on these organizations, please visit:

Miltec UV Supports Eagle Scout Project by Grant Striegel

Grant Striegel earned his Eagle Scout Badge in March by building an Observation Platform at the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center in Grasonville. Miltec UV supported this project by providing Grant with the use of their engineering software program and facilities.  Miltec is proud to be a part of this project, which will be utilized by many local residents and visitors to the area for years to come.

Question: Was this project a requirement for your badge?
Grant: Yes, I was tasked with constructing something that would help a local non-profit organization.

QuestionWho came up with the idea?
Grant: The environmental center. I went to them and asked them what they needed.

Question: How long did it take to build the platform?
Grant: Over 500 hours, mostly all day on the weekends for about 3 months.

Question: How many volunteer worked with you?
Grant: Four to five volunteers each day for a total of about 12 different volunteers.

Grant has worked for Miltec UV in both the manufacturing and shipping departments this summer. He plans to intern with Miltec in the future when he returns to the Eastern Shore from college. He is attending Penn State, The Behrend College this fall. His father, Brian Striegel is the Miltec Sales Engineer in charge of estimating and quoting all custom jobs, as well as project management. We are very proud of Grant’s accomplishments, dedication and hard work.

Volunteerism: Chesapeake Bay Oyster Restoration Project


Miltec UV is fortunate to be located on historic Kent Island, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Our commitment to being an environmentally cognizant company extends to our staff.

Current staff member Nancy Kunkel volunteers with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s restoration projects, recently helping to build protective “Oyster Balls”.  A single adult oyster can filter approximately 50 gallons of water a day.   The sturdy habitats are designed to help repopulate the Bay’s declining oyster population by providing a safe environment for the oyster spat (baby oysters) to grow to maturity.

Nancy said she volunteers because, “As an avid kayaker, the Chesapeake Bay is an important part of both my life and those who live in and around the Bay.  The Chesapeake Bay Foundation offers educational, advocacy and restoration opportunities to help us protect the irreplaceable natural resource.”

For more information on the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, visit


Community Outreach – Run4Shelter

Miltec UV's Run4Shelter TeamOn Saturday, September 10th, several Miltec UV managers and employees gathered at the Kent Island HS track for the annual Haven Ministries Run4Shelter. Miltec was once again a Gold sponsor of the event, whose goal is to improve the lives of the impoverished within our community of Queen Anne’s county. By being a sponsor, Miltec UV supported and encouraged the participation of their employees in this community event. In addition to the sponsorship, Miltec UV employees raised $512 through payroll deductions, and a silent auction comprised of items donated by the employees.

The Run4Shelter is the largest fundraiser held in support of Haven Ministries each year. In addition to providing shelter, clothing and food, Haven Ministries has expanded to offer several new programs to the community. Street Outreach is a program where Haven Ministries staff visit the community to help those in need make connections to valuable resources. A daytime resource center located within St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Centerville will also be opening to the public starting November 15, 2016. The center will provide meeting space, computers and office equipment to support educational programs and job training for Queen Anne’s County residents. Those in need will also be given access to the local laundry mat for their washing needs.

Miltec UV takes pride in supporting a community program as significant and impacting as this. They plan on continuing this support for years to come.

Miltec UV Employee Jamie Yeager & the Goldsboro Volunteer Fire Company

Jamie Lynn
For Immediate Release
August 5, 2016

Stevensville, MD- Miltec takes pride in the community involvement of our employees outside of the work place. When you call into Miltec you will most likely be greeted by our receptionist and accounting clerk, Jamie Yeager. Jamie has been involved with the Goldsboro Volunteer Fire Company since turning 13 in July of 2005. She is currently the chairman of the Craft Show committee, co-chairman of the bingo committee, and co-chairman of the hall and bar committee. In June of 2011 she completed the necessary courses to earn her EMT-B certification. She participates in over 100 fundraising functions a year including weekly bingo events, monthly shrimp feasts, bi-weekly poker tournaments, bartending for hall rentals, a yearly cash bash, a yearly craft show, as well as other various events.


About Miltec UV:
Miltec UV has been servicing the UV industry for 26 Years and is a global leader and manufacturer of both arc and microwave ultraviolet curing systems. Miltec offers a wide range of quality UV parts, standard equipment and custom systems and services designed to interface with existing or new manufacturing production lines. These systems serve a broad diversity of industry-specific applications and market segments. Among the many applications supported are: optical fiber, wire, metal decorating, wood flooring, cabinets, automotive products and many other industries.

Media Contacts: Beth Mosner: (410) 604-2900 X21 |

Miltec UV Supports West Virginia in Flood Disaster Relief


For Immediate Release
July 15, 2016

Stevensville, MD- The owners and employees of Miltec UV rallied together to solicit donations, funds and support from the local community for the victims of the recent West Virginia floods.

Several managers at Miltec UV have family located in Rainelle, WV who lost their homes and therefore, Miltec UV was directly impacted by this natural disaster. They felt compelled to help by gathering donations and becoming the donation center for the Chesapeake Bay Business Park in Stevensville, Maryland. Miltec UV was extremely pleased with the immediate outpouring of support from their neighbors.

Miltec UV’s accounting manager, Mary Yeager commented,
“Wow, the support that Miltec immediately offered to the town my Mom so loved, and where many of my relatives still live, is overwhelming! Thanks to their connection to the local business community and the loving, caring employees (really more like Family than co-workers) the donations came pouring in! In addition to organizing the collections, Miltec also graciously offered their truck to transport the items. My co-workers selflessly gave up some of their lunch time to help pack up the donations, and load the truck. All the help from everyone is VERY Much appreciated!”

Over a two week period, Miltec UV gathered over 3 skids worth of donations. They were in communication with the Rainelle community and purchased supplies based on the needs of the devastated town. The immediate needs ranged from bleach and bottled water during the first few days to boots, fans, shovels, hoses, air mattresses, sheets, towels, toiletries, clothing and canned goods. In addition, Miltec UV reached out to local companies for discounts, and through the help of a local bank, they made contact with a Disaster Relief Church in Nashville, TN. The church committed to supplying 6 tractor trailers full of much needed supplies.

If you would like to make a donation, funds can be sent directly to RCDC at the following address – please indicate that it is for disaster relief:

Rainelle Community Development Corporation
732 Main Street
Rainelle, WV 25932
Or online at:


About Miltec UV:
Miltec UV has been servicing the UV industry for 26 Years and is a global leader and manufacturer of both arc and microwave ultraviolet curing systems. Miltec offers a wide range of quality UV parts, standard equipment and custom systems and services designed to interface with existing or new manufacturing production lines. These systems serve a broad diversity of industry-specific applications and market segments. Among the many applications supported are: optical fiber, wire, metal decorating, wood flooring, cabinets, automotive products and many other industries.

Media Contacts: Beth Mosner: (410) 604-2900 X21 |

Miltec UV Supports Haven Ministries’ “Run for Shelter”


For Immediate Release

Miltec UV gives back to the local community by sponsoring and participating in the Haven Ministries Run for Shelter each year. Haven Ministries is a local non-profit, faith-based organization comprised of local church leaders committed to making a difference. This group operates on the premise of showing God’s love to the poor within our community by providing essential services.

The Run 4 Shelter is the largest fundraiser held each year in support of Haven Ministries. Miltec has proudly supported the run since 2011, frequently forming the largest group of runners and walkers at the event. The Miltec Marvels form a fundraising team each year to raise money for the Shelter. The team raises funds through donations from co-workers, friends and family and through an Annual Silent Auction. The auction is a creative way to make giving fun, while allowing for 100% companywide participation.

The money raised and donated to Haven Ministries helps provide vital support for a number of programs in Queen Anne’s county, including Our Daily Thread Thrift Store, the Emergency Food Pantry, Our Haven Home, and Our Haven Shelter. These services are the result of the planning and support of Queen Anne’s County Christian Assistance, an alliance of churches working as on, to help those in need.

Miltec UV Supports Haven Ministries’ Shelter


For Immediate Release

Miltec UV helps to build a stronger community by give back through volunteering. Miltec owners and employees donated the food and prepared dinner at the Our Haven Shelter. This is a rewarding opportunity to give back and one that they will continue. The Shelter is supported by Haven Ministries, a local non-profit, faith-based organization comprised of local church leaders committed to making a difference.

Our Haven Shelter is a temporary winter shelter serving the homeless of Queen Anne’s County and surrounding areas. The shelter is open from December into April and is operated by staff members along with a volunteer force made up of area Christian churches and community members such as Miltec UV owners and employees.

Miltec UV Supports St. Baldrick’s Foundation


For Immediate Release

You may have called into Miltec UV and spoken with our Inside Sales Representative, Brett Wishart. We are so proud of Brett for his community involvement and doing his part to help conquer childhood cancer. Brett recently participated in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation Head Shaving Event at Docks Riverside Grille in Centreville, Maryland. The event raised $8,500, which surpassed their goal of $7,500. Brett plans to continue with this tradition as he has for the past two years. “This is a cause that I strongly believe in supporting and I look forward to doing my part to help fund childhood cancer research in the future.”