Oyster Recovery Partnership-Operation Build A Reef


Miltec UV is a proud sponsor of the Oyster Recovery Partnership-Operation Build a Reef and has contributed 26,000 baby oysters to help restore a 13-acre oyster sanctuary in Maryland. The 26,000 oysters will approximately filter 1,3000,000 gallons of water each day as adults. The Oyster Recovery Partnership received funding from the state of MD to create Operation Build a Reef to put 40 million juvenile oysters into the river however they took it a step further. The Oyster Recovery Partnership partnered up with the Severn River Association and set a goal to plant an additional 10 million oysters.   Miltec UV states “This is a great opportunity to help a local program provide positive results on human lifestyle and health. It will result in lowering harmful nutrients in our river and bay which in result will improve our marine environment.” The sanctuary is located in the Severn River between the Severn River bridge and the Naval Academy bridge in Annapolis, MD.

View the first OPERATION BUILD A REEF Planting:

Operation Build a Reef: Severn River