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Miltec UV recently participated in the 2018 FEED A FAMILY program. FEED A FAMILY has been serving the less fortunate in Stevensville, Chester, Grasonville, Queenstown, and parts of Centreville, MD for 14 years. Any family who needs food for Thanksgiving can contact FEED A FAMILY to receive help. This is a program sponsored by local churches and community members in QAC. Their main focus is getting Turkey tags displayed, chosen, filled, and then deliver a Thanksgiving turkey box (includes a turkey and non-perishable items) to the families the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Food is collected for this program through donations collected in various locations throughout the county.  Any extra leftover food gets distributed to local food banks.  The program provides the opportunity for one to help a family out during the holiday season and to spread thanks and love.


Traditional food banks have successfully supplied food to families in need. Over the years, due to increased challenges, programs like FEED A FAMILY were established to help alleviate some of the strain on the food banks. A traditional food bank has operational costs such as food storage and refrigeration, rental facilities, volunteer management, water, trash, electric, and insurance expenses. The FEED A FAMILY programs do not have a set location to serve their community and do not have a lot of overhead.

This year the FEED A FAMILY program in Queen Anne’s County was able to provide nearly 450 Thanksgiving turkey boxes to families. Left over boxes were refrigerated and will be distributed to other local food banks and also given to a local Christmas program. This program helps many families in various situations that have ongoing difficult situations as well as families with short term unexpected situations.

Miltec UV

Miltec Employees Volunteer

As a company our Miltec UV employees came together in various ways to help the FEED A FAMILY program. Miltec UV put out the Turkey tags provided by the program for employees to fulfill. Each turkey tag required you to purchase a turkey and other non-perishable foods for the particular family listed on the tag. We had employees come together as individuals and teams to fulfill the tags. Our employees also contributed non-perishable food items to a collection box placed near our lobby. Items included instant mashed potatoes, stuffing, canned vegetables, cornbread mix, etc.  All of the items collected were used to help fill the Thanksgiving turkey boxes that were delivered to the families in need. Our employees also helped by volunteering their efforts after work at the FEED A FAMILY collection center. Miltec UV volunteers helped receive and organize all food donations dropped off at the collection center. Some of our employees went on to also help deliver the Thanksgiving turkey boxes to the designated families using their own vehicles the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  The following paragraphs are written by our employees about their first hand experiences with the FEED A FAMILY program:

Every year I say to myself “I am going to help others next holiday season” and every year I find some excuse to not get involved.  This year Miltec provided the boost I needed to offer a helping hand.  Through Miltec’s support of the Feed a Family Community Program and the turkey tags hanging in our office I decided to grab a tag.  I also signed up to volunteer on Wednesday, November 14th.  When I arrived at the Kent Narrows Center to deliver my turkey tag box I was greeted by a few very friendly ladies who were very thankful for my donation.  I then volunteered my services and began handling box after box of donations.  I realized that there are so many caring and giving families in our community and all around us.  As we were organizing boxes of donated blessings my coworker, Levi, said it best…Why just 1 day?  It made me wonder…why not every day?  Why can’t we give to those in need every single day?  It doesn’t have to be a monetary donation.  Time and love is all it takes.  Be kind to each other.  Reach out a helping hand to those in need.  Be someone’s saving grace.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

~Joyce McGinnis


God Bless the Feed A Family Program:  My boss and I put a box together for a family in the program and dropped it off Wed. The Volunteers there took care of everything and I thought Wow, this is really organized. There were so many other donations pouring in while I was there and leaving. They even helped get donation boxes out of cars.

Thursday was the day I committed to helping sort the boxes to get them ready for the families. I walked in and was immediately greeted and escorted back to the staging area. I worked through 3 tables of 10-20 families each. Looking through each paper to determine the family’s needs my heart felt heavy just knowing that all these families may have missed out on a Thanksgiving Tradition that every individual can be thankful for. As I filled and checked the boxes for each family I was overwhelmed with how much food was donated by my neighbors, friends and co-workers. The fact that we have so many families that need help and then having so many families willing and able to help them brings a renewed feeling of Community love and respect. God Bless the Feed a Family Program, It’s volunteers and most of all the families in need.

It’s funny, I laugh every time I hear the famous words of “It’s a Shore Thing,” an “Shore Proud,”, but I am so proud to call the Eastern Shore, my home for the past 40 years.

Have a blessed holiday.

~Kellie Todd


I’m proud to work for a company that partners with non-profit organizations; It’s clear they care about our community and residents.  I was honored to volunteer my time to the Feed a Family initiative, and packed meals for families who need help this Thanksgiving.  My experience last night left me feeling proud to support such an important project, happy to know people will eat this upcoming holiday, and grateful to give back directly to locals. Additionally, it’s heartwarming to see other adults and children joining in on the effort.  Since I am a recent transplant to Kent Island, this gave me the ability to get more connected with others that love doing service work and find additional opportunities to give back to our community. Lastly, working alongside my department and coworkers not only further strengthens bonds, but also builds trust.  I am grateful for the experience.

~Natalie Fisher


The experience that I had while volunteering was very humbling and a reminder that sometimes in life it is the small things that count. I took the time out to give back because it simply was the right thing to do in my own opinion, as a man I feel that it is of importance to step up where needed in the community. In today’s society it is more important than ever for men to step up and be a leading example to our youth, children, and women of strength, integrity, and leadership.

~Levi Stull


Involvement in Feed – A – Family was a fantastic experience. I volunteered to help organize food on Thursday evening and deliver turkey boxes with my son on Saturday morning. The whole operation was so well organized that it made volunteering easy. I was astonished by the magnitude of food that was donated and the overwhelming support of the volunteers!  Everyone was so helpful and enthusiastic and most of the volunteers I spoke with had been doing this for years.  The best part about the experience for me was showing my son the importance of being part of the community and giving back through volunteering. We chose 5 families in the Centreville area since that is where we live. My son and I were anxious to meet residents we didn’t know, and we talked about how we would always remember them. I know that we will both cherish this experience and we look forward to continuing this tradition for many years to come.  Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and grateful. Gratitude requires practice. Involvement in activities like this not only helps others, but it helps us see our situation in a new light and to be happy and grateful for what we have.

~Beth Mosner


FEED A FAMILY was truly an experience that touched my heart. I volunteered last week during two occasions. My first experience was with my son during their Youth Night. As we approached the building we were welcomed by an eight-foot-tall inflatable turkey. That simply set the mood and put a smile on my face. Upon entering the building, we witnessed at least 100 children volunteering. From ages 3 to 18, everyone was hands on doing as much as they could. I was shocked at how many children (and parents of course), came out to volunteer. We immediately began working and began filling up green bags with all sorts of non-perishable items. We left that evening with a feeling of happiness, a feeling that just made us feel good inside that we were able to help others. A few days later I returned with my son and husband to deliver turkey’s and other food items to the family’s homes. What an amazing experience! To be able to see such gratitude and hear their personal stories was so special to myself, son, and husband. Those will be moments that will never be forgotten. I am so grateful and blessed to have been able to help so many families and to be able to make just a little difference in their lives.


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