Miltec UV recently supported UNBOUND, a program that supports and helps strengthen individuals and families who live in poverty. Our generous monetary donation will go directly to help strengthen the programs they offer to children, students, and elders around the world.  In addition, the donation will provide emergency housing repairs, help with medical expenses, and support for mother’s groups.  UNBOUND believes the role of anti-poverty organizations strengthens local human support networks, not replace them. Replacing human networks creates dependency however nurturing human networks creates interdependency.  As a result, the programs have allowed:

  • 51% of sponsored children to stay in school more than a year longer than their peers
  • 77% of sponsored children to participate in the program through organized small groups
  • 90% of mothers believe they have the power to change the lives of their families

UNBOUND also provides the opportunity to sponsor an individual. They have found that individuals and their families make good choices when they have support and encouragement. They invest in the education of their children and become active community participants. Sponsoring an individual provides direct, personal support for them, encourages them, and allows them to develop their talent and fulfill their potential in life.

Overall, at the heart of the UNBOUND program are two concepts.  One, families make the best decisions about how to overcome the challenges they face and two, small groups of people work together to build lasting support structures for a community.