Nitrogen Inerted Lab Test Box

Part #:

Miltec P/N:  013-05000


Miltec’s portable nitrogen inerting chamber provides a cost effective, precise, and efficient method to cure laboratory samples in a nitrogen inert atmosphere. The time required for sample preparation and nitrogen consumption is minimal compared to purging the entire UV curing chamber. The curing atmosphere inside the portable nitrogen chamber can be precisely and consistently controlled by utilizing factory certified grades of nitrogen eliminating the need for expensive instrumentation.

Benefits and Features:

  • All materials including gasket seals are both heat and UV resistant
  • The chamber dimensions are compatible with laboratory UV systems
  • Check valves prevent over pressurizing the chamber
  • Double seal quick disconnect and hose are included
  • Quartz glass window allows 90-94% of UV light above 210 nm to reach the sample
  • Optional stainless steel construction for corrosive chemistries
  • Custom chamber sizes are available upon request


Outside dimensions: 5” wide x 8” long x 5/8” high
Internal sample dimensions: 4” wide x 6” long x 0.25” high
Internal volume for nitrogen: 0.143 liter