Milcure Compact RTL Reflectors


Miltec UV’s Milcure Compact RTL Reflectors utilize our Patented design which allows the user to easily change the reflector liner without removing the Reflector assembly from the lamp housing. Very similar to our Milcure R and the Compact RPK Reflectors, the Compact RTL version is smaller in size than the Milcure R Reflectors and therefore can fit into much smaller lamp units. The Milcure Compact RTL Reflector also has different optics than both the Milcure R and the Compact RPK since the reflected UV light is not as focused so the peak irradiance is much lower. The Milcure Compact RTL Reflector can be used if more defocused UV light is desired.
Milcure RTL Reflectors-2

Benefits and Features:

  • Very Compact and low profile
  • Easy removal of Reflector Liner
  • Defocused UV light with lower peak irradiance for curing of varnishes and coatings
  • Provides excellent contact between the Reflector and the Reflector Liner to promote excellent heat transfer between the Reflector Liner and the Milcure RPK Reflector
  • Custom fabricated at Miltec UV


Custom lengths and configurations available
US Patent #: 6,720,566 B2