Milcure MD

Part #:

Miltec P/N:  380-00626

OEM P/N:  514404


This Cold Mirror reflector kit is specified for the model I6 product family. Miltec’s Cold Mirror reflector will absorb the unwanted infrared (IR) energy, which removes virtually all of the focused IR on the work surface to minimize the heat load on the substrate. The other major benefit of Miltec’s Cold Mirror reflector is its extremely high UV reflectivity in the UVA, UVB, and UVC range. Therefore, cure speeds will not be hampered when choosing this reflector for your heat sensitive applications.

Benefits and Features:

  • Direct replacement for OEM’s product
  • Performs equal to or better than OEM’s product for IR absorptivity and UV reflectivity
  • Compatible with OEM’s and Miltec’s conventional RF screen


Cold Mirror Milcure MD reflector kit replaces OEM’s Cold/Cold reflector kits
Used in 500 W/inch microwave powered 6 inch UV systems
Each reflector kit includes: the cold mirror main reflector, a pair of cold mirror end reflectors, (6) countersunk mounting screws, complete set of metal gasket strips, and installation instructions
Specified for the following OEM lamp housing models: I6P1, I6P2, I6P3, and I6B