LabCure Mini

Lab Cure Mini UV Curing System


Labcure Brochure

Miltec UV’s Lab Cure Mini system is ideal for curing small production parts, for color proofing or other UV curable ink and coating R&D needs. The Lab Cure Mini conveyor is compact and easily fits on a standard 2 ft. X 4 ft. table top. It is configured with either our HPI (arc) lamp or our MPI (microwave) lamp. If you need flexibility to use both lamp types on the Mini, we can provide this option. We will be happy to assist you to determine which technology is best suited to your needs. Many available features allow customers to get important work done in limited space. Contact us to discuss your application.

Benefits and Features:

  • Small, compact conveyor so only a limited amount of space is required in your laboratory or production area
  • Option to use either our microwave UV or arc lamp UV technology, or both, to fit a wide range of market and research applications
  • Ideal for curing parts up to six or ten inches wide
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Many available features to fit specific needs
  • Reliable performance with consistent UV output
  • Variable UV output capabilities
  • Small space requirements
  • Made In USA

Applications Include:

  • Production of small parts
  • Ink Color proofing
  • Development work for new UV inks and coatings
  • Ongoing lab tests for process controls in production environments


UV System Type:  MPI (Microwave powered)HPI (Arc Lamp) {customer choice}
Conveyor Speed Range: 5-100 and 25-500 feet per minute
Conveyor Belt Width:  10 inches
Dimension:  46 inches long x 22 inches wide
Conveyor Input Voltage:  115 VAC/60 Hz, 1 phase230 VAC/50 Hz, 1 phase
Conveyor Belt Type: Open Mesh (depends on product)Solid Belt (depends on product)